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When I try to scan, I see the error message "EPSON Scan cannot be started" in Windows 2000 and XP. What can I do?


  • Epson Scanners and All-In-Ones using EPSON Scan.
  • You receive the error message "Epson Scan cannot be started".
  • Windows 2000 and XP.


The message "EPSON Scan cannot be started" is related to a communication breakdown between the Epson product and the computer. Epson Scan is both a scanning application and the scanner driver.

The communication problem between the scanner and the computer may be caused by a various factors including the cable connection or the driver has not installed correctly. This article explains how to troubleshoot this error. If you see the dialogue below when you attempt to open Epson Scan, click No to the prompt to open the Troubleshooting Assistant.

Figure 1: Example of the error message:

Epson Scan Cannot Be Started Error Message dialogue


First ensure that the Epson scanner/All-In-One is powered on. If you attempt to start EPSON Scan when the product is not on, you will receive this error message. Epson Scan needs to detect the product in order to be launched, as scanning is not possible unless the scanner is ready to function.

If the Epson scanner/All-In-One is powered on and you continue to receive this error message, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:


This article applies to Epson scanners/All-In-Ones connected to a computer via a USB cable. This articles does not apply to scanners or All-In-Ones used via a wired or wireless network connection.

To troubleshoot using Epson Scan over a network connection with a wireless-enabled All-In-One, please see one of the following Related Articles for help:

  1. Check the data cable (USB/FireWire) connects the Epson product to the computer correctly.

  2. Check the Epson product is listed correctly in Device Manager.

  3. Following the Found New Hardware Wizard

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