Automate repetitive, time-consuming and quality-sensitive tasks. Build a cost-effective solution from €13,608.

ProSix C-Series

Efficiency and precision you can rely on

If you’re looking for a robot that can work in confined spaces, often in conjunction with other robots, and is accurate even when time is short, you’re looking in the right place. The Epson C-Series can help your system reach its full potential. The 6-axis machines work at high speeds with precise path behaviour, all in an ultra-slim body. The variety of assembly options gives you all the flexibility you need.

ProSix N-Series

Maximum efficiency, minimum footprint

Factory space costs money. The revolutionary new N-Series robot from Epson is extremely agile and occupies less space than any other 6-axis robot ever built.

ProSix VT6-Series

The cost-effective solution for repetitive tasks

With next-level technology, the VT6L all-in-one 6-axis robot is available at an incredibly low cost with 900mm reach, up to 6kg payload, built-in controller and easy-to-use software.

Ideal for various applications

Whether loading and unloading, machine tending, picking and placing, packaging and palletising, the VT6-L can be programmed to do it all, and offers a host of benefits in many different applications.


How do Epson 6-axis robots enhance production efficiency?

Epson 6-axis robots are versatile robotic systems crafted for industrial automation. They boost production by streamlining repetitive and quality-critical tasks, resulting in significant time and labour cost savings. These cost-effective robots start at just €13,608.

What makes Epson ProSix C-Series robots stand out, and how can they benefit my operations?

Epson ProSix C-Series robots are renowned for their precision and efficiency. Ideal for compact workspaces and seamless collaboration with other robots, these 6-axis machines excel in time-sensitive tasks, offering high-speed performance with precise path tracking. Their slim design makes them perfect for space-limited environments, and they provide a range of assembly options to cater to your specific operational needs.

Can you provide more details about the ProSix C8- Series compact 6-axis robots and their capabilities?

ProSix C8-Series compact 6-axis robots are engineered for high-performance tasks in a slender package. With the ability to handle payloads of up to 8kg, they are perfect for mid-sized assignments. Despite their payload capacity, they maintain a remarkably compact footprint, allowing them to efficiently tackle tasks in confined spaces without sacrificing performance. Whether you require precision or power for your automation needs, the ProSix C8-Series robots offer an attractive solution.

What distinguishes the Epson ProSix C12-Series compact 6-axis robot, and how can it benefit my operations?

Epson ProSix C12-Series compact 6-axis robots are designed to deliver outstanding performance in tight spaces, thanks to their slim profile. With an impressive 12kg payload capacity, they are well-suited for handling mid-sized tasks. Their minimal footprint makes them an excellent choice for applications where space is limited. The ProSix C12-Series seamlessly combines power and precision, offering a versatile solution for a variety of automation needs, allowing you to efficiently complete tasks without compromising on performance.

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