Change the way you do business with smart technology that saves you time and money, protects confidential data and encourages people to work and collaborate more efficiently.

Business Solutions For Legal Accounting


Legal and accounting departments are at the heart of any business. They need to run like clockwork while meeting budget constraints and stringent compliance demands.

We understand that you need equipment that performs perfectly every time, improves security and lets you get on with the job in hand. We also understand that you want technology that’s good for the environment and your budget.

Here at Epson, we provide a range of products that can help address your needs. Whether you want to produce high-quality documents and contracts or make sure your confidential data stays confidential, we can provide tailor-made solutions that work for you.

Cost effective

Beat budget restrictions with products that are cost-effective throughout their life, with an affordable purchase price, low maintenance costs and economical consumables.

The pressure is constantly on lawyers and accountants to keep costs low and improve efficiency without compromising on quality.

Technology for legal and accounts teams must be ultra cost-effective, not just at the point of purchase but through the product’s lifetime.

Epson can help you cut costs without compromising on quality with our innovative technologies, money-saving features and competitive prices.


Getting the best possible value for money is a constant driver for legal and accounts teams. Discover clever solutions to help you spend your budget wisely and simplify working life for people across your organisation.


Get superb results while keeping an eye on your budget. We constantly invest in developing new technology, to ensure that you get the benefit of the latest innovations to help drive down costs.


Rely on cutting-edge technology that is built to last and easy to run, giving you consistently great results.

Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology that helps you work more productively, collaborate more effectively and connect more easily

Research suggests that on average, one working week per year, per employee, is lost as a result of IT systems and hardware downtime4.

Make your working life easier with Epson technology. Our products are engineered to require less maintenance and be simple to use, helping you get results when it counts.


In business, no one likes to be kept waiting. Three-quarters of businesses want hardware that cuts time spent on maintenance, while 70% are keen to reduce system downtime4.

Speed up working life for your organisation with solutions that help you connect, share documents and manage your technology more efficiently.


Behind the scenes, Epson’s cutting-edge technology helps make banking and finance organisations more productive and efficient, delivering superb quality that gives you a competitive edge.


Keep your organisation’s important data confidential and help protect your reputation with secure printing, scanning and archiving.

Confidentiality is critical in the legal and accounting world. Let us help you protect both your data and reputation

When you’re dealing with people’s personal details and sensitive financial documents, you can’t leave anything to chance. Heightened compliance regulations mean it’s never been more important to safeguard confidential information.

Epson has developed a variety of cutting-edge products and services to help you share, archive and store your data securely – and make sure it stays in safe hands.


Our innovative solutions will help you find new ways to protect the confidential data that flows in and out of your organisation, and ensure that it does not get into the wrong hands.


We’ve engineered our products to be kinder to the environment, so we can help you meet your environmental targets and streamline costs along the way.

Meet your environmental targets – at a cost that will impress the board

You might be surprised to discover the power and cost savings that environmentally-friendly products can offer your business. We’ve engineered our products to be cleaner and greener throughout their life, from manufacturing and logistics, through to energy use, consumable use and recycling. So we can help you meet your environmental targets – and save money at the same time.


Let our innovative solutions help you find new ways to cut your power consumption, reduce your consumables, and use valuable resources more efficiently.


Keep an eye on the future. Invest in greener technology that helps you cut power and cut consumption – all while delivering outstanding, high-quality results.


Award-winning results

Our WorkForce Pro printers are fast, economical and ecological, providing reliable, high-quality results.

Dynamic displays

Engage clients and bring your visual messages to life with our versatile ultra-short-throw projectors.

Capture attention

Attract attention and deliver high-quality presentations with our powerful installation projectors.

Award-winning results

Our WorkForce Pro printers are fast, economical and ecological, providing reliable, high-quality results.

Scanning made simple

Be more productive and keep confidential information safe with our high-speed duplex scanners

Award winning results

Our WorkForce Pro printers are fast and economical, providing reliable, high-quality results.

Secure business systems

Save time and money by archiving confidential information on tamper-proof DVDS with our discproducer

Organise your archive

Produce a wide variety of strong, long-lasting labels to manage your filing systems more efficiently.



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2 Approx. page yield will vary depending on images printed and usage conditions. For more information, please visit
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4 Research conducted by Coleman Parkes on behalf of Epson Europe, among 1,250 EU5 businesses of 50 -500 and 500+ employees. Respondents were IT decision makers. 250 businesses took part per country (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain) operating within the Financial, Retail and general Finance & Banking markets. Research took place February, 2014.
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