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Leading the way in visual technology excellence

Your success in the world of visual communications means having the freedom to project brighter, bolder, more creative images in every environment. That's why we work so hard to develop innovative, versatile solutions that take projected visuals to new dimensions.

Our commitment to product quality, technology and relationships, backed by unparalleled service and support, is the reason we've been the world's No.1 projector manufacturer1 since 2001.

From education and art galleries to digital signage and corporate events, from in-house projector fleets to the rental and staging market, our projectors are the smart, advanced solution.

Introducing the EB-PQ2000 Series

Marvel at the clarity of the images produced by Epson’s latest 4K technology which will be introduced for the first time with the EB-PQ2000 Series projector line-up. Epson has combined its patented, state of the art 4K Crystal Motion, panel thermo-control and double micro-lens array technologies to achieve a new benchmark in 4K image quality.

Building on the highly compact and efficient EB-PU Series product platform, Epson has incorporated a plethora of advanced new technologies to create the world’s smallest and lightest 10,000 and 20,000 lumen 4K projectors*.

The full line-up includes 8,000, 10,000, 13,000, 16,000 and 20,000 lumen models and will be fully compatible with our existing range of 4K quality lenses.

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*As of April 2024. Main unit without lens. 10,000lm and 20,000lm in accordance with ISO 21118.

Cutting edge technology

Our projectors add flexibility, quality and creativity in almost every setting. From product miniaturisation to simple installation tools, Epson continues to revolutionise the display market bringing world class projection to an ever-growing market. We created the world's smallest 20,000lm projector1, the EB-PU2220B, using our latest generation 3LCD and laser technology.

The EB-PU2200 Series offers easier installation and set up, simplified maintenance, outstanding image quality and genuine eco advantages.

Be more creative with the world's leading projector technology

Epson is the world's foremost projector manufacturer and we are committed to maintaining that position. We have 70% of our 1,100-strong Research and Development team dedicated solely to discovering exciting possibilities in projector technology. We never stop working on ways to give you the latest in quality, reliability and flexibility.

Rental and staging solutions

Create the ultimate visual performance

There’s more to a performance than what you see on stage. It’s about allowing your audience to feel truly connected by experiencing the texture, sharpness, clarity and detail of stunning visual effects.

Our versatile, high-performance Pro AV projectors, led by the EB-L30000U, EB-PU2220B and EB-PU2010B, are designed for exceptional reliability and flexibility.

Meet the demands of audiences in theatres, auditoriums, concerts, large-scale corporate events and outdoor venues around the world.

Visitor attraction installation solutions

Deliver incredible experiences your audience will never forget

Stunning visual exhibits make memorable experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Our most advanced projectors combine 3LCD and 4K Enhancement technology with vibrant colour and ultra-high contrast ratio to produce brilliant, true-to-life content reproduction, without any rainbow effect – perfect for that selfie moment.

The highly versatile EB-PU1000 Series laser projectors provide a brightness range from 6,000 to 10,000 lumens and support a range of lens options so you can find the perfect solution. You can even add an external Epson camera to access advanced installation and calibration functionality.

The compact, yet powerful 10,000 lumen series flagship model the EB-PU2010, achieves reliable performance while offering outstanding image sharpness and brightness. This makes it perfect for a range of venues, including galleries, theme parks, digital art installations and many other visitor attractions.

Corporate and higher education display solutions

Take your communication to the next level

Engage students with brighter presentations using our higher education display solutions to deliver your content with the highest impact.

Our EB-PU1000 and EB-PU2200 Series laser projectors are designed for high brightness requirements with a range from 6,000 lumens to 20,000 lumens. Optional lenses with motorised optics provide installation flexibility, perfect when replacing and upgrading existing display solutions.

Captivate corporate audiences with large-screen displays

Upgrade to the latest laser display technology with our range of affordable projectors for medium and large meeting spaces, with up to 7,000 lumen brightness and up to 4KE resolution delivered by the EB-L700 Series.

Achieve high-quality, large screen presentations with the flexibility to project from a range of different sources, including wirelessly using built-in screen mirroring technology and our new ELPWP10 wireless presentation system. Replace legacy display solutions with ease thanks to wide manual lens shift and 4K input support.

Easy monitoring and control

Monitor your fleet of projectors easily and control basic projector functions, such as power on and off or switching source. Adjust the lens focus or image position of compatible projectors remotely and measure key projector operation data.
Access your projector fleet from anywhere with our cloud-based solution, Epson Projector Management Connected (EPMC).
Download Epson Projector Management
Download Epson Projector Management Connected

Simple configuration

Setting up and configuring a large fleet of Epson projectors has never been simpler, thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) and the free Epson Projector Configuration Tool (EPCT) app. Simply register the projector’s data with the tap of a smartphone, read and edit the settings in the app and then upload the settings to your whole projector fleet without even needing to power the projectors on.
Download Epson Projector Configuration Tool for Android
Download Epson Projector Configuration Tool for iOS

Project bigger, brighter, faster!

Stack and blend multiple projectors with ease to create ultra bright or ultra large displays. Simply attach the Epson ELPEC01 camera and follow the built-in simple stacking and simple blending procedures to implement dual-projector stack and blends in just a few minutes without a PC. If you need more projectors or you have a curved screen, the free Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) software provides advanced functionality and support for up to 15 projectors.
Download Epson Projector Professional Tool for Windows
Download Epson Projector Professional Tool for Mac

Complete colour control

Use Epson’s innovative camera solution to perform seamless colour and brightness matching, colour calibration and colour uniformity adjustments.

Exceptional content

Create your own experiential and signage content with the Epson Creative Projection app. Manage custom content and play it directly from an SD card or USB dongle using Epson Projector Content Manager Software.
Download Epson Projector Content Manager
Download Epson Creative Projection

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Extended connectivity

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Every Epson projector is the result of our commitment to research, develop and manufacture with superb image quality, ease of operation and total reliability in mind.

Our Pro AV solutions combine high brightness, exceptional sharpness and vibrant colours with the ultimate installation versatility to produce powerful, vivid images that never fail to impress audiences.


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1 2001 to 2022, 500-lumen and above, excluding screenless TVs, Futuresource Consulting – Quarterly Projector Market Insights – Worldwide Analyzer CY22Q4
2 IP5X certified in accordance with IEC Standard 60529. The IP5X certification is applied to the optical engine and light source module.