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Introducing the new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C400 and AM-C550

The new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C400 and AM-C550 combine compact design, low power consumption1, reduced intervention3 and fast First Page Out Time (FPOT)2. Epson's most capable A4 devices by far, these printers offer high-quality and reliable printing with an improved 10.1" touch screen. They seamlessly integrate with the AM-C A3 series and are compatible with a wide range of Epson and 3rd Party solutions.

Enhanced graphical user interface

A new user interface with a 10.1” touchscreen makes for easier use, providing more customisation, simpler operation and more efficient workflows.

More secure than ever before

The WorkForce Enterprise printers offer enhanced features to make your printing more secure than ever before.

  • Data protection

    HDD encryption, HDD safe data erasure, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and password encryption

  • Device protection

    Firmware signature verification, secureboot and new malware runtime intrusion detection

  • Access control

    User authentication, function restrictions and audit logs

  • Document protection

    Authentication printing, authentication scanning and job logging

  • Communication protection

    IPsec, SNMPv3 and new TLS1.3

The flexibility to work your way

You can configure the printers to match the precise needs of your business, with a range of optional functionality.

Authentication card reader

The optional card reader can be inserted into the panel below the user interface so that 3rd party card readers can be added. Alternatively you can add a device table.

Additional 2 x 500 sheet cassette
Additional functionality with saddle unit

Saddle-stich (up to 20 sheets), Half-fold (up to 3 sheets), Tri-/C-fold (up to 3 sheets)

Optional staple finisher

Corner stapling for up to 50 sheets

Optional high capacity tray (HCT)

Up to 3000 sheets A4

Cassette locks

To protect the paper cassettes when your printers are used in public spaces.

Inner finisher

Capable of stacking, shifting and stapling your documents in 3 different positions, and supports optional 2- or 4-hole punch.

Great performance, right up to the finish

The quality extends way beyond the hardware with these printers, with versatile finishing capabilities once your printing is complete. A quiet, heat-free staple or booklet finishing unit delivers corner stapling for up to 50 sheets, and can output either 3,000 sheets (booklet) or 4,000 sheets (staple). Supporting offset stacking, the booklet finisher can also produce up to 20 saddle-stitched sheets, and 3 half-fold or tri-fold sheets. The inner finisher is capable of stacking, shifting and stapling your documents in 3 different positions, and supports optional 2- or 4-hole punch.

Shaping the future of printing with Heat-Free Technology

Switching from laser to Heat‑Free printers helps you to use less energy and reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Solutions that add value, streamline processes and increase workflow

  • Output management

    Our and our partners’ output management solutions boost productivity, while creating a secure printing, scanning and copying environment to safeguard company assets. The solutions protect users’ devices against unauthorised use and also provide more control over printing costs, with pull-printing capabilities that reduce paper usage from unclaimed printouts.

  • Fleet management

    With our fleet management solutions, businesses can stay in control of all of their printers and scanners, with automatically transmitted data helping to save time and money, maximise uptime and maintain productivity.

  • Remote service and support

    Reduce service costs using our cloud-based device monitoring and management system that delivers advanced remote diagnostics. Secure and easy to integrate, increase customer satisfaction by enabling faster response times, fewer on-site visits and higher first fix rates. Track and monitor device usage, and minimise printer downtime.

  • Document capture and management

    Turn physical information into manageable digital content that increases the security of data your business runs on. See the document capture solutions that seamlessly integrate with our devices.

  • Mobile and cloud printing

    Epson’s mobile and cloud printing services allow users to print and scan from their smartphone and tablet – in the office and on the go.

  • Epson Open Platform

    Users gain complete control of their printing operations via a web-based application that allows them to adapt their printer to meet specific and changing business requirements, as enterprise IT systems evolve. Third party ISV solutions are compatible with Epson Open Platform devices.

WorkForce Enterprise product range

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1. Please visit www.epson.co.uk/heat-free-technology for more information.

2. For detailed information on printing speeds please visit www.epson.eu/testing.

3. This explanation is only applicable for MicroPiezo fundamental advantage in principle. Product performance may vary.