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Moverio smart glasses are delivering real benefits to a range of industries through a broad range of use cases: from expanding virtual work life possibilities and creating innovative and inclusive visitor experiences, to transforming industrial maintenance and training though remote assistance and workflow guidance. Explore the versatile applications of Moverio smart glasses in this section.

Remote assistance solutions

Remote assistance software solutions, designed for Epson Moverio smart glasses, link field engineers and technicians with in-house experts. Information and instructions can be passed visually and verbally using live two-way communication to remedy complex issues.

Workflow guidance and training

Epson Moverio transforms training and guidance through hands-free, see-through technology. Users receive step-by-step instructions, reducing errors, expediting learning, and enhancing problem-solving precision. Across industries, this innovation improves safety while optimising efficiency. Experience the evolution of guided learning and operational excellence with Moverio, where training and guidance converge with advanced technology.

Revolutionise your visitor attraction

Imagine how incredible it would be to see how a 2000-year-old statue looked when it was first created, with an interactive 3D model, right in front of your eyes. Moverio smart glasses provide enriched content, brought to life in stunning Full HD resolution, at exhibits, museums and architectural sites. Immerse visitors in augmented reality, bringing exhibits to life with detailed information and interactive content. The smart glasses redefine museum engagement, offering a captivating and educational journey that seamlessly integrates technology with the rich world of cultural and historical artifacts.

Create inclusive experiences with subtitling

By integrating a captioning software solution based on the Moverio smart glasses platform, you can expand audiences and make events more accessible. Generate floating subtitles for spectators who are hard of hearing or speak another language, with captions positioned based on the viewer’s preference and triggered in time to a live performance.

Privacy screen for business use

Frequent business travelers who work on trains, planes and in public spaces can work with privacy and comfort, with personal and private documents kept away from prying eyes. The see-through, hands-free display allows you to keep your work secure and perform multiple tasks simultaneously, from a natural and comfortable viewing position.

Epson Si-OLED microdisplay technology

Ideal for AR experiences

Meet the range

Moverio BT-40

Moverio BT-45C

DisplayFull HD / 120" at 5mFull HD / 120" at 5m
DesignGlasses like designHeadset like design
IP ratingIPx2IP52
Industrial GradeNoYes

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