Epson colour label printers provide on-demand pharmaceutical labels that improve the visual recognition of vital information. They’re flexible, cost-effective and put you in control of your production needs.


Medical devices

Companies that produce devices or solutions used for medical purposes:

  • Patient safety requires colour codes and images
  • Highly variable colour content
  • Precise fine print text and barcodes
  • High-value products
  • Bespoke made in many cases
  • Need for enhanced branding
  • Part tracing is essential

Clinical trials

An Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) is defined as a pharmaceutical form of an active substance or placebo, being tested or used as a reference in a clinical trial. In such trials, there is a need to produce drugs in very small batches that require appropriate bespoke labelling, to include:

  • Legible information
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Greater flexibility and production speed
  • Easy to make changes as regulations change
  • Enhance branding

Pharmaceutical labels

  • Print fine details like small fonts and barcodes in high resolution to improve legibility

  • No compromise of quality and readability of text on the labels, even the smaller fonts

  • Print the product image on the label to improve traceability and minimise errors

  • Improve workflow and cost efficiencies

  • Shorten inventory times through enhanced flexibility and speed

  • Automate processes to avoid human error

  • No need to use a pre-printed stock of labels, which could be a long and manual process

  • Enhance company branding

ColorWorks wins the seal of approval from Vickers Laboratories

  • High-resolution text printing for improved legibility
  • No need to manage high stock levels that could lead to increased wastage
  • No ribbon creasing issues sometimes experience while using thermal label printers

Zebra Programming Language (ZPL II) capability standard

  • Plug-and-play direct ZPL II printing
  • You can start monochrome printing and easily migrate to colour when needed
  • ESC/Label
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Additional benefits

Colour on healthcare labels improves the visual recognition of vital information, reduces operational risks for hospitals, and helps provide better patient care and safety.

Print on-demand and improve workflow, reduce costs and wastage

Automate the labelling process and avoid an over-reliance on unreliable manual processes.

Proof points
  • Print labels on-demand, as and when you need them without having to order large batches of labels that may need to be changed.

  • Make changes easily without having to reorder whole batches of labels.

  • Avoid the associated problems with batch printing due to reconciling labels with the wrong products.

  • Reduce wait and delivery times associated with batch printing label stocks.

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