As a company, Epson is dedicated to facilitating a positive technological shift by developing solutions that will make workforces more efficient and more productive


Smarter technology solutions

Manufacturing is changing and competition is fierce. Factories are becoming smarter, supply chains are becoming shorter, and production is driven by speed to market and customisation. Epson technologies are designed to help you adapt to a smarter future at your own pace. Our flexible solutions will support your evolution as you become more customer-focused through personalisation, more efficient through automation, and more agile through augmented reality.

Increase operational flexibility

Be more responsive at every stage of the manufacturing process. Automate the tasks that slow you down, take advantage of the latest innovations, and increase efficiency throughout your business.

Invest in the future

To reach the lean status that today’s industry requires, you need to invest wisely. Cutting out business-wide inefficiencies and saving steps in the value chain can reduce time and costs, while improving quality.

Expect smarter results

Putting people at the centre of everything leads to a more effective workplace and happier customers. Combine the flexibility, creativity and instinct of your workforce with the versatility and on-demand qualities of new technologies to drive engagement and results.

Protect the planet’s future

We understand the importance of supporting a more sustainable planet for future generations, which is why we develop our print solutions to be as environmentally considerate as possible.

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Software solutions

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Start your evolution

Personalise labels, tags and inventory

Designed for high quality, customisable operation on a large scale, Epson ColorWorks label makers are the perfect tool to provide clearly visible labelling for inventory management, or to draw attention to important information such as use by dates or shipping information.

Simplify collaboration and training

Train new workers without having to type up notes, and collaborate with suppliers by communicating and sharing files in real-time – without leaving the workplace – using our interactive displays.

Automate routine operations

Integrate Epson’s reliable range of robotic arms into your existing assembly lines, working as ‘cobots’ alongside your skilled workers. Our industrial robots operate non-stop to increase load capacity, speed and precision while performing repetitive, manual or hazardous tasks.

Discover short-run inkjet label presses

Print high-quality labels across a wide range of substrates and applications with our SurePress Label presses. Using AQ or UV inks, they are efficient and easy to set up and use, allowing users to expand their service offering.

Provide visual assistance

Make the most of augmented reality to shorten development cycles and increase accuracy. Epson's Moverio smart glasses superimpose images on the working environment, for hands-free guidance on planning, design, assembly, and maintenance operations.

A range of print and textiles

Guarantee productivity for garment printing, be it high-volume sports apparel printing, stand-out quality fashion and home decor, or custom design T-shirts, the SureColor SC-F range can reliably provide unbeatable results.

Reduce printing costs

Our WorkForce Pro printer range helps you spend less money on consumables and less time on maintenance – while also reducing environmental impact by producing up to 99% less waste and using 96% less energy than comparable laser printer¹.

Boost workflow processes

Digitise your documents to keep important plans secure. Minimise errors by scanning directly to Sharepoint which will overwrite old versions of documents - ensuring that all stakeholders are working to the latest set of plans.


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Shaping the future with Heat-Free Technology printers

Increase productivity and reduce environmental impact without compromise through our sustainable inkjets.

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1 As tested by BLI, over two months to Feb 2017, against a selection of competing machines, as commissioned by Epson. For more information visit

2 Typically 45-55ppm laser printers use 1500W, the WorkForce Enterprise has a low power consumption of 180W – 320W and prints up to 100ppm. For more information visit

3 Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2017.

4 Additional software and hardware required.

5 Exceed Your Vision: Epson research into the future opportunities and challenges of technology through the eyes of 17 global industry experts and over 7,000 Europeans in work.

6 Smart machines and tools, Internet of Things, European Commission

7 To understand these savings and how they can benefit your business please visit