Our philosophy of efficient, compact, and precise innovation goes beyond technology. It encompasses our aspiration to use our technology to help overcome global environmental problems and other societal issues, to enrich people's lives and to make a better world. Our Environmental Vision sets out our commitment to becoming carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050.

Epson 2025 Renewed Environmental Vision

To achieve the goals set out in our Environmental Vision 2050, we set 2025 mid-term target milestones using the back casting process – a planning technique where we envisioned our desired 2050 outcome and identified scenarios required to reach that outcome.

In 2021, recognising that the external environment in which we operate was evolving, we revised this corporate vision, naming it Epson 2025 Renewed.

As part of Epson 2025 Renewed, we set aside JP¥100 billion (€770 million) over 10 years with a focus on decarbonisation, resource recycling, and an accelerated programme to develop environmental technologies.

Environmental Vision 2050

Our global Environmental Vision 2050 was established in 2008 and sets our environmental goals out to the year 2050. We aim to become carbon neutral – moving to greenhouse gas-free manufacturing and then removing even more carbon. This includes the utilisation of renewable electricity, reduction of the energy consumption of equipment and facilities, greenhouse gas removal, and carbon-free logistics. Initially, we will minimise our energy use associated with production and products, and switch to renewable electricity sources.

We also aim to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by providing products that have a smaller environmental footprint and by moving to carbon-free logistics. In addition, Epson will start investigating/developing technologies and practical applications to remove and capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere – for example by storing carbon in biomaterials and using them semi-permanently in various applications.

We will dramatically change the way we use the world’s natural capital. We will become underground resource free by 2050. Instead, we will utilise recycled metals, plastics, and other previously mined minerals as above-ground resources, along with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, water, geothermal heat, wood, and biomass resources.

Reducing our emissions

We have pledged to reduce the total emissions of our products and services by 2030 in line with the 1.5°C scenario. We will achieve this through reducing the environmental impacts of our products and services, and in our supply chains.

Certifications and Recognitions

Highlights include:

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