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Scanners are an essential part of any business – they are where physical information becomes manageable, secure digital content. Epson has developed the most comprehensive range of scanners on the market to meet the shifting requirements between sectors – enabling the capture of high-quality images and documents as easily and quickly as possible.

Easily capture, convert and distribute scanned information within your organisation. Benefit from advanced document imaging features that enable high-quality scans to be seamlessly stored in your workflow, from simple document filing systems to cloud services and enterprise content management solutions.

With models that significantly cut the steps required to capture and store documents – while supporting a wide range of applications across numerous sectors and business environments – we have a scanner to suit your needs.

Simple capture solutions

Ideal for organisations with regular scanning requirements, Epson’s simple scan process helps you to save time and work more efficiently – in any size format that suits you.

Whether you’re scanning images as small as a postage stamp or as large as an A0 blueprint, it’s easy to capture every aspect in high resolution – and reproduce them on almost any scale.

Even the smallest images, wherever you find them, can be captured in such detail that printing them on a large format is more than achievable.

What’s more, Epson’s simple capture solutions allow you to scan to a wide range of destinations with ease:

Scan documents easily

Scan to email

Scan to cloud

Scan to local folder or
network share drive

Scan to Microsoft Office

Scan to mobile

Wi-Fi Direct functionality

Epson DocumentScan software allows users to take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct to wireless connect to our supported scanners without any existing networks. This is ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, and makes it even easier to use cloud services to scan, store and centralise all your important business documents for staff to access wherever they may be, on whatever device they may have. You can also scan directly to an email address or another Epson Connect enabled printer.

Scan documents directly to your Android™ device. You can preview the scanned data and send it to email, directly to other applications or to cloud services like Box®, DropBox®, Evernote®, Google Drive™ and Microsoft® OneDrive.

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Epson advanced capture

For demanding scan requirements and high-output environments, Epson’s two-step scan process captures and sorts documents in seconds thanks to advanced, pre-defined parameters set by you. TWAIN, ISIS and WIA drivers, or additional software plugins, allow for seamless integration into your preferred Document Management Systems, workflow systems and cloud services:

Epson advanced capture

Include barcode for document sorting and naming

Workflow integration

Zonal OCR for document naming

Specialised applications

  • Local goverment
  • Financial service and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Mobile workers

Streamline your record keeping

Ideal for customer-facing environments with a requirement for high efficiency, our scanners are designed to capture documents, forms and identification records for streamlined document processing – and even support secure remote access from smart devices.

WorkForce DS-530
WorkForce DS-1660W
WorkForce Pro WF-6590DWF

Meet the demands of planning, building control and more

Our A0 and A3 graphic scanners meet the demand for high-resolution, large-format scans required by planning and building control, electoral services, and more:

SureColor SC-T5200 MFP
WorkForce DS-50000

Efficient storage of large documents

Volume scanning capabilities facilitate case management and reduce the manpower required to process large documents, for streamlined digital storage of even the most comprehensive reports and claims:

WorkForce DS-860
WorkForce DS-70000

Ensure that finance and HR departments run smoothly

Streamline back office processing of invoices and payment transactions, and ensure personnel records are kept up to date, with networked, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct scanning with one-touch access processing available to multiple users:

WorkForce DS-570W
WorkForce DS-60000N

Scan and share field reports on the go

Work effectively from anywhere with Epson’s mobile print and scan solutions – optimised for fast, accurate results from compact, lightweight devices, for easy printing and scanning of field reports and critical documentation:

WorkForce DS-30
WorkForce WF-100W

Process everyday transactions with ease

Quickly process, digitally manage and authenticate everyday transactions such as cheques and account applications. These compact, efficient processing solutions allow documents to be handled securely for onward internal processing:

WorkForce DS-860N
WorkForce DS-6500N

Automatically organise files and documents

Manage, process and route internal and customer communications and documents efficiently, with scanning solutions that can be configured to automatically name and organise incoming files:

WorkForce DS-530

Separate and manage larger documents

Digitally manage and archive extensive reports and invoices. Digitally separate a large pile of documents easily with our innovative document separation solutions:

WorkForce DS-860
WorkForce DS-70000

Process documents quickly and securely

Scan directly to secure collaborative work areas or cloud services at the touch of a button. For doctor’s surgeries, busy reception desks, or other areas where space is at a premium and efficient document processing is a must:

WorkForce DS-520N
WorkForce DS-6500N

Ensure every detail is recorded

Recreate critical healthcare documents in exceptional detail – including negatives, photographs and X-rays:

Perfection V850

Optimise patient care with ease

WorkForce DS-860
WorkForce DS-530

Enable seamless patient flow

Scan, project and print between devices with ease. Streamline your processes with unified products that cooperate with each other to enable a smooth patient flow across departments.

Digitise medical documents efficiently

Digitise some of the most challenging paper records: medical documents. Epson’s high-speed A3 production devices offer the flexibility required to scan every document in a file, straight to collaborative work areas at the touch of a button:

WorkForce DS-70000N
WorkForce DS-860N

Keep accurate records at all times

Make it quick and easy to keep accurate, complete digital records with a scanner designed for bulk and high-volume scanning – ideal for the demanding, high-speed environments.

WorkForce DS-60000
WorkForce DS-70000

Capture information in any enviroment

Quickly capture additional information at a moment’s notice with a range of compact solutions ideal for customer-facing environments:

WorkForce DS-520
WorkForce DS-530
WorkForce DS-860

Scan sensitive data securely

Capture every detail of photographs, large-format documents, and even fingerprints with unparalleled precision and high productivity. Then save directly to a secure, password-protected PDF:

Perfection V850 Pro
SureColor SC-T5200 MFP

Empower mobile workers

Give employees the tools they need to work efficiently and independently in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment through software, applications and responsive hardware:

WorkForce DS-1660W
WorkForce DS-570W

Scan and save customer information instantly

Create logistics documentation at the point of delivery. Prevent damage or loss of important consignment confirmations with the ability to scan and save documentation the moment a delivery is made, with compact, lightweight mobile devices:

WorkForce DS-30
WorkForce WF-100W

Work remotely, securely

Ensure data stays secure, even when employees are working remotely. The mobility of our scanners means documents can be received and stored confidentially, wherever work takes place:

WorkForce DS-30
WorkForce WF-100W

Technology that helps

Epson scanners enable you to meet all of your scanning requirements by providing impactful digital content:


Capture images up to 4.0D Max

Separate documents

Sort documents easily, with automatic document separation features


Produce straighter images making them easy to read

Convert scans

Turn scans into digital text, thanks to built-in OCR that creates files you can search


Reduce preparation times with auto-rotation

Enhance text

Make your scanned text sharper and easier to read

Advanced paper feeding performance

Auto carrier sheet detection

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  1. Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2015.





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