Flatbed Scanners

Put an end to paperwork overload and boost document workflow processes with a range of reliable and versatile flatbed scanners.

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From postage stamps to A3 documents…

Our robust and high-speed flatbed scanners deliver versatility with their ability to scan different sizes and types of media up to A3 size.

Scan a range of documents including passports, books and magazines, high-resolution images, and negatives such as x-rays or film.

Built for business

Create PDFs, collaborate with colleagues or store critical business data. Seamlessly integrate into almost any document management system and workflow process thanks to WIA, TWAIN and ISIS driver support.

  • High speed Up to 140 images per minute1
  • High reliability Up to 8,000 page a day duty cycles1
  • High capacity Up to 200-page ADF sheet feeder1

Network functionality

Easily integrate our network-ready models into your systems and workflows, and create dedicated job profiles that send jobs straight to the right destination. Epson Document Capture Pro makes it easy to integrate business scanners into your document management systems.

Increases productivity with customisable PushScan functions from the scanner panel such as scan to Microsoft SharePoint and cloud services.

High-speed ADF scanning with duplex

Epson’s ADF scanners deliver up to 70ppm for A4 sized documents. With one-pass duplex scanning, this can deliver up to 140ipm by scanning both sides of a document with a single pass.

Ultrasonic double feed detection

The built-in detector ensures that every page is scanned by sensing if more than a single page has been accidentally fed into the scanner. In this occurrence, it will alert the user to rectify the issue before continuing.

Book spine correction

Reduce shadows and distortions near to the book spine enabling the digital images you scan to be read more easily.

Without book
spine correction
With book
spine correction

Auto rotation

Epson Scan can rotate a document automatically by detecting the orientation of text using OCR capability.

Automatic paper size detection

This feature allows users to scan documents of different sizes. Epson Scan will automatically detect and scan everything in the correct size, all in a single batch.

Colour dropout / enhance

Remove or enhance the visibility of ink signatures such as 'confidential' and 'urgent' stamps. Users can pick one of the preset colours (red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or all colours except black), or use the customised settings to dropout or enhance up to five colours of your choice with a single scan.

Correct document skew: off
Correct document skew: on

Correct document skew

Automatically straighten skewed images. Remove moiré patterns from images automatically when scanning materials from a printing press. The following type of documents can be supported:

  • Newspapers (85lpi)
  • Magazines (133lpi)
  • Fine prints (175lpi)

Remove punch holes

  • Automatically remove the punch holes from scanned images with this function.
Remove punch holes: off
Remove punch holes: on

Skip blank pages: off

Skip blank pages: on

Skip blank pages

Reduce workflow by removing blank pages automatically from your batch scanning.

Text enhancement

The text enhancement feature improves the sharpness of text when scanning text documents.

  • Better clarity for improving OCR accuracy
  • Reduced show-through when scanning documents printed on both sides
Text enhancement: off
Text enhancement: on

Advanced PDF features

Users can save scans PDF files with a host of features including:

  • Securing your PDF files by setting a password to open the file
  • Prevent unauthorised editing or printing using protect property settings
  • Generating PDF/A files
Original document
Searchable PDF

Create searchable PDF

  • The built-in OCR allows scanned documents to be created as searchable PDF files.

Dual image output

Dual image output allows the creation of two different files in a single scan, for example, colour and mono versions. You will be able to define separate settings for:

  • Resolution
  • Image type
  • Image option
  • Edge fill
  • File format
An example of a dual image output
which outputs colour and monochrome
images saved in two different file formats.
Monitor folders

Customise scan processes

  • Make your scanning easy and efficient by creating and assigning scan profiles to the scanner button
  • Create up to 30 customised job settings for your scanner
  • Assign customised job settings to your scanner buttons
  • With the network interface, enable push scanning by assigning up to 30 customised job settings to the control panel
  • Output your scanned documents to PC, email, printers, FTP, web, Microsoft SharePoint or another application
  • Upload scanned images to cloud destinations such as Evernote, Google Docs and SugarSync
  • Monitor up to three folders for automatic back-end processing

Let your paper flow

  • For greater efficiency when processing documents use Epson document separation features
  • Separate your documents automatically by making use of blank pages, barcodes, zonal OCR, or by setting a fixed number of pages
  • Use barcodes and zonal OCR to automatically name files
Scan and edit

High resolution

Thanks to the Expression 12000XL Pro's top-of-the-range scanning technology, users can achieve extremely high-quality image reproduction up to A3 format. High 2400 x 4800dpi resolution and ultra-precise Micro Step Drive technology, enable users to capture even the tiniest details with exceptional clarity.

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  1. Available on the WorkForce DS-70000 range.