A range of websites claiming to provide freefone “helplines” and product support services have been recently targeting UK computer users with an operation that could cost them large sums of money and place their personal data at risk.

This worrying new scam is particularly effective because victims think they are contacting a legitimate customer service line and are therefore more inclined to do as they are asked by the operators. Typically, the operators will persuade users to allow them to take remote control of their computers and, once in control, will attempt to charge large sums for the repair of software problems. Victims who pay could also run a further risk of having their credit card details stolen.

Epson would like to offer the following advice to customers seeking technical support:

  • Our experienced customer support team can be reached through our online chat support service. This can be found through the “Support” links below, or through the official Epson websites listed on materials included with your product.

  • If you are ever in any doubt, you can use any of these methods to check if an agent is genuine. Please also be aware that authentic Epson UK support services will not make attempts to take remote control of your computer.

  • Make sure that your anti-virus and online security software is kept up-to-date, to reduce the risk of unwanted pop-ups on-screen that may advertise fraudulent services.

If you believe you have been affected by one of the scams described, or have incurred financial loss through fraudulent support operations, please report this to the Action Fraud programme at http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud and to Citizens Advice on 03454 040506.


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