Epson Parts Feeder series
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The smart alternative for parts singulation

Powered by Epson® robots, the Epson Parts Feeder series offers a smart alternative to part feeders available in the market today. This revolutionary system eliminates costly, time-consuming retooling and allows manufacturers to work with a wide variety of parts without purchasing new equipment.

Integrated with Epson RC+® Development Software, the Epson Parts Feeder series offers easy setup and configuration from one environment to another. Its point-and-click interface reduces the typical development time required for advanced applications often from weeks down to days.

Reduce your development time from weeks to days with Epson’s easy setup process

Visualisation of Epson's streamlined System setup versus typical system setup

Smart auto-tuning automatically adjusts the Epson Parts Feeder series for new parts, giving you a flexible, cost-efficient, future-proof parts singulation solution that’s always ready for action.

Epson Parts Feeder series

Technical specifications
Model NameEpson Part Feeding IF-80Epson Part Feeding IF-240Epson Part Feeding IF-380Epson Part Feeding IF-530
Model NumberIF 80IF 240IF 380IF 530
Part Size Dimensions3 – 15mm5 – 40mm15 – 60mm30 – 150mm
CommunicationEthernet (TCP/IP)Ethernet (TCP/IP)Ethernet (TCP/IP)Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Power Supply24 V/6 A24 V/8 A24 V/20 A24 V/20 A
Vibration Platform (Length x Width)65 x 52mm195 x 150mm254 x 325mm427 x 371mm
Footprint (Length x Width x Height)320 × 65 × 140mm300 x 171 x 132mm499 × 257 × 307mm600 x 372 x 320mm
Compatible RobotsG-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/T-Series/C-Series/N-Series/VT-SeriesG-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/T-Series/C-Series/N-Series/VT-SeriesG-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/T-Series/C-Series/N-Series/VT-SeriesG-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/T-Series/C-Series/N-Series/VT-Series
Compatible Vision SystemsVision Guide CV2 and PV1Vision Guide CV2 and PV1Vision Guide CV2 and PV1Vision Guide CV2 and PV1
What’s in the BoxFlexible Feeder, Vibration Plate, Epson Parts Feeder software, 5M Power Cable and RJ45 CAT5e CableFlexible Feeder, Vibration Plate, Epson Parts Feeder software, 5M Power Cable and RJ45 CAT5e CableFlexible Feeder, Vibration Plate, Epson Parts Feeder software, 5M Power Cable and RJ45 CAT5e CableFlexible Feeder, Vibration Plate, Epson Parts Feeder software, 5M Power Cable and RJ45 CAT5e Cable
Integrated Backlight LED OptionsRed, White, Green, Blue, InfraredRed, White, Green, Blue, InfraredRed, White, Green, Blue, InfraredRed, White, Green, Blue, Infrared
Tray Configuration OptionsESD (Anti-Static)/Anti-Stick/Anti-RollingESD (Anti-Static)/Anti-Stick/Anti-RollingESD (Anti-Static)/Anti-Stick/Anti-RollingESD (Anti-Static)/Anti-Stick/Anti-Rolling
Hopper Options0.16 Litres2 Litres, 3 Litres10 Litres15 Litres
Software Features
Maximum number of feeders supported by a single robot controller4 (G-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/C-Series/N-Series)
2 (T-Series/VT-Series)
4 (G-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/C-Series/N-Series)
2 (T-Series/VT-Series)
4 (G-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/C-Series/N-Series)
2 (T-Series/VT-Series)
4 (G-Series/GX-Series/LS-Series/RS-Series/C-Series/N-Series)
2 (T-Series/VT-Series)
Maximum number of robots sharing the same feeder at the same time (RC700A with drive units only)
Maximum number of unique parts per feeder running simultaneously4444
Max number of parts per development environment project (Epson RC +)32323232

Continuous parts feeding made simple

Easy customisation for a huge variety of parts

A step-by-step approach to system configuration with an easy-to-use wizard makes it simple to set up the feeder to the exact parameters needed for many different part types.
Multi-axis vibration technology for optimised parts control

Versatile parts compatibility

The Epson Parts Feeder series’ flexible feeding supports a wide array of parts and materials, making it ideal for all sorts of different part types. It can brilliantly handle simple and complex parts ranging from 3mm to 15mm, 5mm to 40mm, 15mm to 60mm and 30mm to 150mm in size, as well as delicate materials.

A super-easy setup allows for quick parts changeover too, cutting down development times and reducing cost of ownership compared to typical feeders. Another big plus is that – unlike bowl feeders – our Epson Parts Feeder series can be used for the parts you need today, as well as those you may want to use in the future.

Vision Guide is used with Epson Parts Feeder software to drive feeder motions and optimise parts singulation.

Precision parts calibration with smart auto-tuning

An intuitive wizard also guides users through customised calibration step-by-step, automatically determining the exact values needed for optimum tuning and calibration.

Part pickup regions maximise parts throughput

Easily set parameters specific to each part, no coding required

Configures feeder orientation to properly select pickup area without need to modify physical application layout

Define part pickup area to optimize cycle time

Part calibration (tuning) wizard reduces tuning time

Automatically computes and displays vibration amplitude and vibration time tuning parameters

3 simple steps to set up flip and separate calibration parameters

Integrated image display window to show part separation results

Epson RC+ 7.0 development interface

Powerful, efficient, intuitive

Thanks to its intuitive Windows control interface, open structure and integrated image processing, programming applications is incredibly quick and easy. The unique Epson-developed SPEL+ script language, enables you to programme a very wide range of robot motions, from simple pick & place application to complex multi-manipulator line control.

The Epson RC+ Simulator allows you to carry out risk-free testing, comparison and process visualisation before any robot implementation.

Integrated software tools for the Epson RC+ 7.0 development environment

One-line command editor.

Programme checking (syntax, definition, value range, and many more).

Programme with stop points / step mode.

Access to external DLL functions.

Create SPEL+ programs: Online help, syntax check, label lists, detection and colour display of keywords, parameters and comments, parameter list, definition jump.

Error text editor
Creation of your own, application-specific, error messages.

File management
Create and access files and databases (Excel, Access, SQL).

IO label editor
Edit names for I/O / markers / field bus I/O for the data sizes bit, byte, and word.

IO monitor
Display the status of I/O / markers / field bus I/O for the data sizes bit, byte, and word. Allows you to create special user displays.

Macro editor
Create a SPEL+ program as a programming aid.

Robot manager
Contains all information and control elements relevant to robots – inserted in clear windows: Set-up, edit points, loop parameters, tool and robot coordinate systems, load capacity and moment of inertia. The robot trip points can be used to switch power on and off, complete a reset or complete a home run.

Stack editor
Display the program branches.

System history
Record errors, events and warnings (diagnostics).

Task manager
Display called multi-tasks, traps, and their statuses, display current program line.

Variable editor
Display / Edit current variable values.

Maintenance manager
Create / Load / Display backups, controller reset.

Plan and visualise processes, validate programs.

Software options

Conveyor tracking
Synchronise position with conveyor running.

External control point (ecp)
Guide the workpiece contour easily and precisely along an external point.

Force sensing
Real-time robot force measurement.

Gui builder
For the fast, easy creation of your own user interface based on the Epson SPEL+ programming language.

Optical character recognition (OCR)
Reliably detect fonts and symbols and check printing – even under challenging conditions.

PG motion system
Read conveyor speeds via encoders.

Integrate your application in external software, develop user interfaces, and use databases.

Security option
Increased security through user management and usage control.

Vision guide 7.0
Powerful Epson image processing system.

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1 Not possible for the RC90-B and T-Series/VT-Series