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We can help you find a development partner who can provide or create the right solution for you, bringing together software and hardware to create real added value for your business. This is why we have been building an ecosystem of software developers around our Moverio Smart Glasses platform. Discover below inspirational uses for Moverio for your business, and find a talented and trusted software development partner.

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Even if you already understand the need for the latest technology and the advantages it can provide, it's easy to overlook the new business opportunities it can bring. An out-of-the-box or custom-designed application running on the latest Moverio device from Epson is a great way to stand out from the competition and move your business forward.

Moverio is an ideal tool from this perspective, as it opens up a broad range of new possibilities thanks to its unique features - simply by combining our hardware with the right software.

Do you have a project idea for Moverio but are unsure how to make it happen? Our hand-picked directory of Moverio Developers is here to assist you by building your application and helping it grow. Whatever your sector, organisation or application may be, you can be assured of finding the right approved partner to integrate Moverio into your business.

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Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, with the right developer, the potential for a productivity-boosting solution on Moverio is almost limitless. Explore below to learn how Moverio can benefit your sector.













The healthcare sector can benefit in a number of ways from the use of Moverio.

Information can be fed directly to doctors, dentists and other health workers without interruption, enabling them to focus on patients first. It makes reactions faster, increases productivity and speeds up treatment time.

Moverio can also be used directly by patients to help overcome disabilities, or to provide guidance or distraction during treatments.

Arts & Entertainment

Moverio smart glasses are packed full of cutting-edge technology that makes it easy to implement, renew or improve multimedia experiences for visitors and spectators.

Bring your museum, historical site, opera, cinema, theatre, stadium or entertainment park into the digital age by creating unique experiences designed to engage visitors in a new way.

Unlock the ability to add almost unlimited amounts and types of information to the visitor or fan experience. Increase the ease with which they can learn about your displays or exhibitions and create the next generation of attractions harnessing the power of augmented reality.

Estate Agents

Moverio enables estate agents and other property professionals to showcase properties in the best possible way to achieve sales. Imagine being able to show dozens of potential buyers around a property at the same time. With Moverio, an estate agent would have the ability to walk round a property, showing a potentially unlimited number of online viewers all a house has to offer.

Equally, virtual tours could be created and a pair of Moverio glasses in the office could allow potential buyers to view dozens of houses without leaving the building.

It's also possible to show 3D models of properties to help convince buyers or show potential tenants what an unfurnished apartment would like with a nice sofa and fresh paint on the wall.

And if you have embraced drone aerial photography and videos to showcase your properties, Moverio can help by providing the best FPV solution to pilot your drone.

Possible uses

  • Remote property showings/visits
  • Virtual tours of properties
  • AR visualization of 3D models to facilitate sales
  • FPV drone piloting


Moverio has the potential to revolutionise retail in numerous ways. It can help you stay ahead of the competition by offering creative ways to engage with customers and sell your products and services.

For instance, Moverio can bring online customers into store virtually. This is particularly important when selling specialist or high-value products where customers want as much information as possible before buying. With Moverio, staff can share their viewpoint hands-free, and demonstrate products to customers in real-time, while talking through the benefits. This helps converts online visits into actual sales in store or online.

It can also be used in store to show 3D models of products that are not currently in stock, or by helping to visualise customisation options.

Possible uses

Transporting & Storage

Solutions for Moverio can be used to speed up and optimise the picking processes for warehouse operations by integrating positioning and barcode scanning in real-time. Picking staff are able to view the location of a product including aisle, location, and quantity, on Moverio replacing the need for handheld scanners and paper lists, making the order-picking process much more efficient, saving time and money.

Possible uses

  • Packing lists and order picking
  • Sorting goods
  • Real-time inventory management


Construction professionals benefit from using Moverio, right from the inception of the project to completion.

Moverio allows you to better present and sell projects through augmented reality by, for example, transforming 2D construction plans into 3D models. Or by showing a lifelike representation of what different flooring solutions would look like when installed.

The hands-free nature and visual guidance provided by our smart glasses range can also be useful during construction, helping to resolve issues faster, and providing an optimised system of reporting back to clients once a job is completed, removing paperwork and delays.

Moverio can enable workers to visualise procedures and critical data, sharing their viewpoint to receive assistance from expert colleagues located remotely.

Possible uses

  • Product visualisation
  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Accessing checklists and capturing work progress in real-time
  • Quality control
  • Training


Moverio and its hands-free visual guidance helps make training, field service and maintenance tasks more effective, providing the right information at the right time, and keeping hands free for action.

Moverio can enable workers to visualise procedures and critical data, sharing their viewpoint to receive assistance from expert colleagues located remotely. New staff or workers in training can also request remote assistance from experts at a central location, who can instruct them via the first-person-view live video feed from Moverio, reducing downtime and saving money.

Possible uses

  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Accessing checklists and capturing work progress in real-time
  • Quality control
  • Training


Thanks to its ability to access data hands-free, directly overlaid onto the world you see, our Moverio smart glasses range can provide a new tool to make life easier for farmers.

From data captured by drones flying over the crops, to the medical history of their livestock, farmers have access to essential data more easily than ever before.

Moverio can help by providing the best FPV solution to pilot drones over farmland.

Possible uses

  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Optimising crop treatments
  • Easily accessing cattle medical treatment history
  • FPV drone piloting


With Moverio you can improve processes; from your design department to the assembly line.

Design teams are able to visualise 3D renderings, enabling real-time collaboration and live iterations to speed-up prototyping and decision making, and reducing materials waste and cost.

Assembly-line operators and field service technicians can benefit from the hands-free nature and visual guidance provided by our smart glasses to make their tasks easier, safer and more efficient.

Remote assistance solutions remove geographical barriers allowing you to transform your service processes by enabling your customers' technicians to consult experts remotely in order to solve issues faster. Save time and money by teleporting your most expert employees onsite without actualy leaving the office to help solve machine breakdown or assist with maintenance procedure. Other possible uses include remote training sessions or the creation of innovative video tutorials filmed from the point of view of the trainer.

Possible uses

  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Consulting experts remotely
  • Accessing checklists and capture work progress in real-time
  • Quality control
  • Training
  • Collaborative design and live iterations thanks to 3D rendering

Motor Vehicles

Mechanics can benefit from the hands-free nature and visual guidance provided by our Moverio smart glasses range to improve their training, and make tasks easier and safer.

Access hands-free checklists and capture work progress in real-time for better follow-up. Get hands-free visual guidance and remote assistance to help solving issues faster. Let your most experienced technicians train new recruits by sharing their view.

These are just some examples of how Moverio can help boost the efficiency of your maintenance and repair operations.

Possible uses

  • Step-by-step guidance through hands-free work manuals
  • Remote consultation with experts
  • Accessing checklists and capturing work progress in real-time
  • Quality control
  • Training

Public Order & Safety

By providing hands-free access to critical information, or using augmented reality to recreate life-like scenarios during training, Moverio can help public order and safety professionals in their decision making.

For instance, police and other enforcement professionals can scan vehicle licence plates and immediately compare them to a database of stolen vehicles, or check biometrics information of suspect individuals.

Moverio can also benefit firemen or search and rescue operations using remote assistance solutions to comunicate and share view of the field. Or by providing a FPV piloting experience and displaying data captured by drones directly in the field of view of the teams on the ground.

Possible uses

Case studies

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Moverio BT-350

Moverio BT-35E

Moverio BT-40

Moverio BT-40S


Bring destinations to life

The brightest Si-OLED-powered, binocular see-through smart glasses, designed for commercial use, and in cultural and entertainment venues

  • Powerful visitor experiences Bring venues to life through the power of AR
  • Durable and flexible design Designed to be worn easily by a wide range of visitors
  • Accessories for multi-unit management Easy management and operation of multiple units for large scale deployment
  • Amazing image quality HD display (720p) & high brightness ensure a crisp image and vivid colours
  • Cutting edge performance 1.44GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM and battery life up to six hours

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  1. When compared to data available on the websites of manufacturers of comparative devices as of December 2016. Moverio brightness: 1000cd/m²

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