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Our commitment to product quality, technology, relationships, and service and support is the reason we have been the market leader in projectors for over 18 years1.

From teaching space collaboration to flexible learning across multiple locations, Epson technology has long been an invaluable tool for teachers and students alike focused on powerful learning experiences. Our solutions help make learning more engaging, more efficient and more effective, with information flowing freely and interactivity a cornerstone of every lesson.

Right now, the need for multi-site teaching has never been greater. So we’re focusing our attention on innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s ultra-connected students and the teachers who are shaping their future. GoBoard Education is the latest in this long line of innovations for education.

Connect, create, collaborate

GoBoard Education software enables users to connect, create and collaborate through a whiteboard canvas with many integrated features driven from the Hub software. Easy and familiar usage focused on simple to use annotation features, integration with some of the most popular VC solutions on the market including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and many others.

Combined wireless connectivity allows all students in the lesson to view the whiteboard and share their screen, and those students who are connected to the same network as the Hub, can also be given control of the whiteboard, providing true collaboration for teachers and pupils wherever they are.

GoBoard Education software consists of three elements:

For teaching environment – to be installed on static room PC or teacher's laptop or both

As the name suggests, the "Hub" is the software that provides the connectivity to the Companion apps required to make the most of GoBoard Education, and the wireless screen-sharing function.

The GoBoard Education Hub software is designed to be installed on either the teacher's laptop, or a PC that permanently resides in the learning environment (either must be Windows 10).

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For teacher – Bundled content management software – to be installed on teacher's laptop

To provide a convenient way for teachers to manage and create their content. Designed to be installed on the teacher's laptop.

Main functionality:

  • Setting of teacher preferences.
  • Subject and lesson content indexing and management.
  • Access to content wherever the teacher is (they don't have to be - connected to a Hub to access their lesson content).
  • Creation of quizzes and polls for use during lessons.

For students – to be installed on students mobile devices connected to the same network as the software "Hub"

Allowing students to collaborate in learning sessions with the ability to view and edit the whiteboard (with teacher's permission)3.

Companion apps available for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chromebook
  • Windows

Free to download.

Key features

Focused on delivering powerful learning experiences combined with a feature rich whiteboard canvas to deliver truly collaborative learning sessons

On top of the basic whiteboard canvas functionalities e.g. annotations, GoBoard Education software includes an integrated browser; auto draw (converting hand drawings to clip art or shapes); handwriting recognition; internet search for images/video/web page; speech-to-text and voice control; and the ability to import and navigate PDF, Office 365 files and many other leading education file formats.

Video conference solution compatibility

GoBoard Education, when integrated with a wide range of VC systems, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, allows remote learners to be able to take part in the lesson, view the whiteboard and share their screen from wherever they are.

When student devices are connected to the same network as the GoBoard Education Hub, they can use the GoBoard companion app. This means the teacher can give student the ability to interact with (and add their own content to) the whiteboard. Students using the companion app can also respond to any polls and quizzes the teacher uses as part of the lesson.

Wireless screen sharing

Powered by AirServer, content on user's screens can be shared on through compatibility with wireless protocols such as Apple AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast2.

Embedding content

Embed 3rd party content into the whiteboard session. Microsoft Office and PDF files, videos and websites can all be added to the whiteboard and navigated as part of the lesson.


At the end of a session, a recap of the lesson can be generated, with the option to include any files imported to the whiteboard during the lesson. The whiteboard session can also be saved as an interactive file to allow meetings to continue at a later date.

Polls and quizzes

Can be created before the lesson, then answered by the students in real time during the lesson3.

Operating systems for companion app

Android, iOS, Windows 10, Chrome

Cloud service compatibility

Access content saved on OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox.

Teacher console software

Bundled content management software to help teachers create, manage and organise their lesson content.

How to get

Sign up for a 30-day free GoBoard Education software trial. After 30 days you can choose between a one, three or five year licence. For more information, simply fill in your details below and an Epson representative will be in touch.

How to get

Download the GoBoard companion app from the  App Store, Google Play, or the  Chrome Web Store.

Download the Windows companion app from here.

Download Windows companion app

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  1. 2001 to 2019, 500-lumen and above, excluding screenless TVs, Futuresource Consulting — Quarterly Projector Market Insights — Worldwide Analyzer CY20Q1.
  2. Powered by AirServer. Apple AirPlay and Google Cast require both the Hub and the student device to be connected to the same network.
  3. Chats, polls and quizzes only available to students using the companion app and connected to the same network as the hub.