We can help you find a development partner who can provide or create the right solution for you, bringing together software and hardware to create real added value for your business. This is why we have been building an ecosystem of software developers around our Moverio Smart Glasses platform. Discover below inspirational uses for Moverio for your business, and find a talented and trusted software development partner.


Develop your business ideas with an approved Moverio partner

Even if you already understand the need for the latest technology and the advantages it can provide, it’s easy to overlook the new business opportunities it can bring. An out-of-the-box or custom-designed application running on the latest Moverio device from Epson is a great way to stand out from the competition and move your business forward.

Moverio is an ideal tool from this perspective, as it opens up a broad range of new possibilities thanks to its unique features - simply by combining our hardware with the right software.

you have a project idea for Moverio but are unsure how to make it happen? Our hand-picked directory of Moverio Developers is here to assist you by building your application and helping it grow. Whatever your sector, organisation or application may be, you can be assured of finding the right approved partner to integrate Moverio into your business.

Learn more about how Moverio can benefit your sector

Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, with the right developer, the potential for a productivity-boosting solution on Moverio is almost limitless. Explore below to learn how Moverio can benefit your sector.

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Find a Remote Assistance software solution partner

Epson has established a specialised ecosystem of certified remote assistance solution providers. We've harnessed the knowledge of expert developers with the insight of service, manufacturing and telecoms industries. Select the Moverio product you’re interested in and get in touch with a certified software partner today.

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Interested in joining the Moverio Developer Programme?

Here are just some of the reasons why now is the perfect time to partner with Epson and become a Moverio ISV.

  • Technology leader: In addition of being a world leader in projection technology, Epson is an expert in high-precision manufacturing. The Moverio smart range glasses features Epson’s unique technology and has been commercially available globally since 2011.

  • We are here to stay: We have invested heavily in research and development and our production facilities for Moverio. And we are just getting started.

  • Dedicated to our partners: We give you everything you need to make the most of the Moverio platform - from tools, SDKs and support to unique partnership opportunities that offer a wide variety of benefits

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Please note that the Moverio Developer Programme is only open to software development companies who already have developed optimized software for the Moverio smart glasses range. If you are looking for technical resources for development you can access them directly from our developer website. Got a great idea for a Moverio software solution but you are not really sure where to start? Please get in touch with an Epson reprensative using the contact form at the bottom of the webpage.

Please note that you need to agree to our Terms & Conditions to become a Moverio ISV.


Eliminate anxiety with Moverio during dentist’s visit

Icnodent have developed an application that allows to reduce the levels of anxiety by allowing the patient to have control of his/her communication with the dentist and even having the chance of carrying out activities with augmented reality during the intervention.

Moverio BT-350

Bring destinations to life

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¹ When compared to data available on the websites of manufacturers of comparative devices as of December 2016. Moverio brightness: 1000cd/m²