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Advanced Rewards: your path to bigger profits

Advanced Rewards is our new quarterly loyalty programme that means the more you sell, the more you’re rewarded. Even if you don’t reach your target in one quarter, you can easily move onto the next, so the opportunities to earn rewards just keep coming.

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What are the benefits of joining?

Gain access to sustainable technology
Meet the eco-expectations of your customers, by offering them Epson’s environmentally friendly technology solutions.

Enjoy exclusive promotions and campaign tools
Grow your business using the promotions and profit-lifting tools available directly on your Partner Portal.

The more you sell the more you earn
Earn increasing rewards from your sales of eligible products by advancing through the different levels of the Advanced Rewards Programme.

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How does it work?

  1. Register for Advanced Rewards

  2. Purchase eligible products through authorised hardware distributors

  3. Check your purchases on our Partner Portal. Each eligible product you purchase counts towards your target

  4. Receive your rewards within 90 days of the end of each quarter

Levels to obtain rewards

Target: £1,000/£1,500/£2,000
Reward: £60/£90/£120

These values are exclusive of VAT.

Epson uses the sales data collected from Authorised Distributors in order to calculate the achievement of the rewards against the various target levels. Therefore, please liaise with your chosen distribution partner if you wish to query your performance.

Terms and conditions

Epson’s Sales Privacy Information Statement

Epson and the environment

At Epson, we believe that we all have a role to play in building a better future. As a sustainable company, we investigate every detail of our business, from the smallest lightbulb to the largest factory. Our dedication to sustainability fuels our innovation, drives our growth, motivates our workforce, and contributes positively to society. We also extend this commitment to our valued partners across the supply chain.

Epson’s products are designed to be compelling and customer-pleasing while minimising their environmental impact. With a focus on reducing size and weight, lowering power requirements, ensuring recyclability, and extending service life, our products have a 50% lower environmental impact across their life cycle.

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