Inks can run out at different times as most people don’t print equal amounts of each colour. That’s why Epson continues to champion individual inks over tri-colour cartridges.

Whether you're printing documents dominated by black text, holiday photos with blue skies, or charts and graphs with lots of red and yellow, ink colours are likely to need replacing at different times.

With Epson individual inks, you only replace the colour used, resulting in big savings. Epson individual inks are over 50% more efficient compared to rival tri-colour cartridges1.

Make sure Epson individual inks are on your checklist when you buy a new printer.

Find out more about the tests here.


Combined colour cartridges

With combined colour ink cartridges you replace the whole cartridge regardless of whether all of the colours have run out.

Individual ink cartridges

With Epson individual ink cartridges you only replace the colour that has run out, potentially saving ink, money and resources.

An unbeatable combination

Some things just work better together. That’s why Epson offers the complete printing solution of printer, ink and paper. For sharp everyday printing, and longer-lasting glossy photos, only genuine Epson ink and media guarantee the best quality for your Epson printer.

1 Based on testing carried out by BLI in July 2019, compared to equivalent competitor (HP and Canon) printer models, using tri-colour cartridges, according to the manufacturers’ website, July 2019. Weighting for Document and Photo printing applied based on 2Europe 'Printing Usage & Attitudes Study', November 2019.