T080 inkjet cartridge printer compatibility

Customer Notice - T080 inkjet cartridge printer compatibility

Due to the discontinuation of a component currently used within T080 (Hummingbird) ink cartridges, it has been necessary for Epson to re-design the cartridge.

As a result of the new cartridge re-design, the following printer models may no longer be compatible with these inks and a firmware update may be required so that the new re-designed ink cartridges can be recognised by the printer:

If you have one of the printer models listed above, it may be necessary to update the printer firmware, depending on which firmware version you have. Please see below list of firmware versions that need to be updated and firmware versions that do not need to be updated.

Firmware versions of impacted printer models

Firmware versions that needs to be updatedFirmware versions that do not need to be updated
Stylus Photo Printer model R265FR2167FR1372
Stylus Photo Printer model R360AZ2968AZ1472
Stylus Photo Printer model RX560GU2067GU1472

How to find out which firmware version your printer has?

Example page:
Please note: To check your printer's firmware version, all six ink cartridges must be installed in the printer and must contain ink.

Frequently asked questions

After installing a new genuine Epson ink cartridge, I received an “ink cartridge cannot be recognized” message. What should I do?This means your printer may need a firmware upgrade. To determine if your printer requires a firmware upgrade, please check which version you have (see above instructions). If your printer needs new firmware, please contact Epson customer service.
Why do the new Epson genuine inks no longer work in my printer?Due to the discontinuation in production of a component, it has been necessary for Epson to re-design these cartridges.
As a result of the new cartridge re-design, the Epson Stylus photo printer models R265, R360 and RX560 may require a firmware upgrade.
Will I get this “ink cartridge cannot be recognized” message in the future when I install my ink cartridge?No, after your printer firmware is upgraded, you should not get this message upon installation of the cartridge. However, you may get this message when your ink cartridge needs to be replaced.
If you see an “ink cartridge not recognized” message after the cartridge was installed and is functioning properly, simply replace the indicated ink cartridge with an Epson genuine cartridge. Your printer and ink cartridges will continue to function normally.
How can I identify whether my cartridge is one of the new re-designed cartridges?The new re-designed cartridges have an Asterix (*) included on the label on the spine of the cartridge for identification purposes.
Will I continue to receive low ink warnings before the cartridge runs out?Due to the cartridge re-design, you will no longer receive low ink warnings in the status monitor. However, ink levels can still be checked and monitored via the graphic display in the status monitor
What happens when the cartridge needs replacing?Due to the cartridge re-design, when the new ink cartridge needs replacing, you may see the following message in the status monitor: “Ink cartridge cannot be recognised”. At this point the cartridge should be replaced in the normal way.
Is the quality of Epson genuine ink impacted by these changes?There is no change to the quality of Epson ink. You will still be able to enjoy the high quality, high reliability of Epson genuine ink.

Service & Support

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Epson customer service centre via www.epson.co.uk/support