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November 2020 - December 2021

Automation live!

For the first time, Epson has organised a hybrid showroom for our robotic solutions. Book a virtual or a personal tour of our “Hall of Robotic Solutions” now. An Epson specialist will be present to guide you and explain each cell. Should you have any questions about current or future applications, our team will be happy to provide assistance or guidance.

Experience our range of new, economical automation solutions. Book your appointment now for your individual or group tour of the Epson hybrid showroom.

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All About Applications

Various practical applications allow you to experience first-hand how Epson robots can provide simple solutions to your factory automation challenges, while improving productivity and efficiency.

  • Sensitive force measurement

  • Flexible part feeding

  • Economic picking

  • Intelligent high-precision screwdriving

Visiting the showroom in person

Should you wish to experience our solutions in person, with or without your own products, visits to the Epson Hall of Solutions are possible by appointment, subject to the applicable Covid-19 guidelines.


From our SCARA entry-level models to the agile 6-axis robots or special kinematics that require minimal space, our robots demonstrate the diversity of practical applications. Book your appointment for the Epson hybrid showroom now.

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Ensure your production line hits top gear

Epson robot systems: precise, fast and reliable

Our robots pallet, saw, mill, drill, grind, assemble, move and build together. They work precisely and at a breathtaking speed in all these and many other applications – often for up to 24 hours a day. Our product portfolio includes one of the most extensive SCARA model ranges worldwide, 6-axis robots, controllers and software.

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