Loading and unloading solutions

Epson robots can accurately and reliably load and unload conveyor belts, pallet systems, plastic injection moulding machines and much more.

Machine loading and unloading

Loading and unloading of conveyor belts, pallet systems, plastic injection moulding machines or metal casting machines are only a few examples of tasks in this area, which the Epson robots can perform accurately and reliably. Work cells can be transformed into production islands, for example the fully automated process of injection moulding machines, with removal, cooling and deburring in one single operating sequence.

Case study

Reduction of cycle times to 30 Seconds at Zorn


Modern automation solutions must meet a few simple requirements - they need to be as fast as possible, as small as possible, as inexpensive as possible. Epson can offer you a wide range of high-speed and high-precision industrial robots.


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Epson robot systems: precise, fast and reliable

Our robots pallet, saw, mill, drill, grind, assemble, move and build together. They work precisely and at a breathtaking speed in all these and many other applications – often for up to 24 hours a day. Our product portfolio includes one of the most extensive SCARA model ranges worldwide, 6-axis robots, controllers and software.