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Signing up to ReadyPrint Flex

Signing up to ReadyPrint Flex

Connecting your printer to Wi-Fi

Connecting your printer to Wi-Fi

How to update your Firmware

How to update your Firmware

Installing your ReadyPrint cartridges

Installing your ReadyPrint cartridges

Frequently asked questions

What is ReadyPrint?ReadyPrint is an easy way to print at home without worrying about the cost. Whatever you print, from family photos to office documents, we’ve got a plan to suit you from just 1.29€ per month.

You can print as much as you like without needing to plan or budget for your next refill. You’ll never run out of ink again with ink delivered to your door when you need it.
What is ReadyPrint Go?ReadyPrint Go is the pay-as-you-go printing plan that delivers ink. You can enjoy the flexibility of printing whatever you like with no scheduled payments. Like our other plans, you don’t have to worry about running out of ink. ReadyPrint Go monitors the ink levels and notifies you when the ink gets low. You’re always in control so you have the option to pause sending a new cartridge. This means you’ll only pay for more ink when you want it.

You can register here.
What is ReadyPrint Flex?ReadyPrint Flex is a flexible printing plan that delivers ink. You can print a set amount of pages per month in return for a small monthly fee. You don’t have to worry about running out of ink; just print according to your plan. It’s flexible if you want to print more than your plan - simply pay for additional pages or switch temporarily to a higher plan.

When you register, it activates the technology inside the printer that enables it to intelligently monitor the ink levels. You can be sure that more ink will be delivered to you before you run out.

You can register here.
What payment methods are accepted?You can pay using credit and debit cards. Direct Debit is also accepted as a payment method.
How can I use an activation or promo code when registering to ReadyPrint?You can only input your ReadyPrint activation or promo code at the start of the registration journey. You will not be able to add your code at a later stage of the registration process. Please ensure that you input the code by following the ‘I have an activation card or promo code’ option in the Get Started page. Please find in the following a direct link to the activation or promo code page:
How do I register?It’s easy to register for ReadyPrint. Register your details here.
What do I need to register?To complete your registration for ReadyPrint you will need a payment card, an email address, an internet connection and an address for ink to be posted to. For ReadyPrint Go and Flex, you will need an eligible Epson printer.

You can register an account and complete your details at a later point.
What is the activation code? How do I use it?The activation code makes it easy to register for ReadyPrint.

If you shop in-store, you will find your activation code on a card. The activation card looks similar to a typical credit card. It holds the activation code that you need to register online. For security reasons, this code can only be revealed once the security strip has been gently scratched off.

If you buy it online, you will receive your activation code via email.

Simply enter the activation code when you register online.
How do I get more ink?Replacement ink is delivered when more ink is needed to stop you running out. You’ll always have enough ink to print the pages in your plan.
Do I get sent ink every month?Ink is not scheduled to be sent every month. Replacement ink is delivered when more ink is needed for you to print the pages in your plan. This means that the timing will depend on usage.

With ReadyPrint Go, you have the option to pause the sending of a new ink cartridge.
How do I keep track of how many pages I’ve printed?You can see how many pages you’ve printed by logging into your account.
How are A3 pages counted in my ReadyPrint plan?As A3 pages are twice as big as A4 pages, A3 pages are counted as 2 pages in your ReadyPrint plan. For example, if you sign up to a ReadyPrint Flex ‘100 pages’ plan and you print 50 pages of A3 in a month, you would have used all your monthly allowance.
I have an Epson printer already. Will it work with ReadyPrint?You can check which Epson printers work with Epson ReadyPrint services by visiting the ReadyPrint campaign homepage.
What printers work with ReadyPrint?Only Epson printers work with ReadyPrint. You can see the specific models for each plan by visiting the ReadyPrint information webpage.
Do I need to keep my printer connected to the internet?To use ReadyPrint services you must ensure your printer is regularly connected to the internet. You can watch the how-to video here.

Note that your printer will stop printing if it is not connected to the internet for more than 24 hours.

Please make sure that the printer firmware is always up to date. Find out more here.
How do I set up the printer for ReadyPrint?Printer
Once you’ve registered for ReadyPrint, please keep your printer connected to the internet. Please follow prompts to update your firmware. This will ensure Epson can send more ink when you need it. Find out more here.

If you have a new printer, please use the setup cartridges for the printer installation process. Use up this ink first, and then move on to using the ReadyPrint cartridges when necessary.
How do I keep my firmware up to date?To make sure that the ReadyPrint service performs at its best you need to follow these steps to install the latest firmware.

1. Turn on your Epson printer and ensure it is connected to a computer with Internet access.

2. Run the Epson Software Updater tool. If it is not already installed, go to, type in the name of your printer, select the required language, click on Product Setup and then Epson Software Updater.

3. The Epson Software Updater will check if any additional software or firmware updates are available. If new firmware is available, it will be shown in the Essential Product Updates window.

4. Install the new firmware and follow the on-screen instructions (the update can take up to 15 minutes to complete).

5. The update may trigger alert messages from your antivirus/firewall software. Click “Unblock” or “Allow” to let the update continue.

-Be aware that you won’t be able to print as the firmware is updated and that all queued print jobs will be cancelled.
-Do not turn the printer off, unless you are instructed to do so during the update process.

For more information and additional support, check the printer’s instruction information or visit
What happens if I print more pages than my monthly allowance?You have the option to move between plans. For example, move to a higher plan for a month of heavy printing and then go back to a lower plan.

Or you can just pay for each additional page. On the ReadyPrint Flex plan each additional page is just £0.10.

You don’t have to do anything - they’ll just be added to your next bill.
Can I rollover unused pages?Yes, you can roll over unused pages. Unprinted pages in the allowance can roll over two months.
If I register more than one printer, can I share my pages between plans?No, the allowance is specific to the individual printer and cannot be shared to other printers.
Can I use ReadyPrint ink cartridges in any other printer?No, the ReadyPrint ink cartridges will only work with your printer that is registered to ReadyPrint.
Will my printer work with cartridges purchased outside of ReadyPrint?Yes, your printer can use Epson cartridges purchased outside of your plan. Pages printed using cartridges purchased separately will not be counted in your allowance. Whether you are printing in colour or black, make sure that you remove all ReadyPrint individual ink cartridges from the printer to prevent pages being counted from your allowance.

Important - using a cartridge bought separately will not cancel your plan.
Can I change my plan?ReadyPrint Flex
Yes, if you have a ReadyPrint Flex plan you can move to a higher Flex plan at any time and it will be effective immediately. Downgrade whenever you want, and your new plan will be effective from the next billing cycle.
How much does it cost?You can find out about the cost of our plans and printers on the ReadyPrint campaign homepage.
When does the billing cycle begin? How often am I billed?The billing cycle starts on the day you complete your registration and runs automatically monthly. You will be billed at the start of each month.

If you print more pages than your chosen plan, it will use up pages rolled over from the past two months. Extra pages will only be charged for when both the pages included within the plan and any rolled over pages have been used. Any extra pages will be billed at the end of the month together with the invoice for the next billing cycle.

ReadyPrint Go is pay-as-you-go so there isn’t a billing cycle for this plan.
How does my printer know when to send more ink?When you register for ReadyPrint, it activates the technology inside the printer that enables it to assess your ink usage. It can anticipate when you need more ink and can ensure a delivery reaches you before the previous ink runs out.

Epson may send ReadyPrint ink cartridges and ink bottles in advance - please store these until your printer advises that a refill is needed.
What information is sent to Epson from my printer?When you register to ReadyPrint, information regarding your ink levels and the number of pages printed will be sent to Epson. This ensures that ink can be delivered when you need it.
How do I find my printer serial number?To find the serial number, look on the side of the printer or under the scanner. You can also find it on the printer’s packaging. You can also watch our video.
Whats counts as a page in my allowance?Every side of a page that the printer completes printing counts as a page in your allowance. It doesn’t matter if you print documents or photos, and they can be in black or colour. A page printed on both sides will count as two pages. The page count is not impacted by how much or how little ink is used on a page. Note that system pages (e.g. printer status) do not count.

Important notice for ReadyPrint Flex customers:

Remove all ReadyPrint individual ink cartridges from the printer to prevent pages being counted from your allowance. You have to install a complete set of ink cartridges purchased outside of the plan, to ensure that printed pages are not counted from your plan allowance.
How do I get in touch with customer support?Find your local customer support here.
Privacy policyYou can find the ReadyPrint privacy policy here.

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