SKU: R11N043001

Compact and affordable

  • Great reach and payload handling Up to 6kg payload and 600mm reach
  • Energy saving Low energy consumption and battery-less motor unit
  • Small footprint Built-in controller and simple cabling for space-saving operation
  • Affordable entry level robot No unnecessary functionality
  • Flexibility Great range of motion with four-axis

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It has an integrated controller that requires minimal technical know-how and user intervention. Also, the cabling is very simple for easy operation and maintenance.


This robot is designed to meet the growing needs of your business.

Capable of taking on a range of tasks, the 4-axis provides a great range of motion, the payload is up to 6kg and the reach is 600mm.


The SCARA T6 is built with budgetary constraints in mind, providing essential features without superfluous functionality. In addition you will also benefit from low power consumption, minimal unplanned downtime and low running costs.


This robot is intended to be economical in all areas, not only financially. With this in mind, the model has a very small footprint which complements the built-in controller and simple cabling.

Battery-less motor unit

Reduces running costs and line downtime. You'll never need to buy, replace, and dispose of old motor batteries.


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