12kg payload, impressive reach

  • Slimline arm Can easily reach into narriow spaces in machines
  • Flexible installation Light enough to be tabletop-mounted. Wiring from the side
  • Reduced vibration QMEMS technology allows faster, more accurate operation
  • Fully integrated Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
  • Strength without weight Impressive lifting capability without added weight or bulk
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Slimline with a long reach

The ProSix C12's slender arm is able to slip past surrounding objects without touching them, as it's been designed for tasks that require the arm to enter confined spaces - such as removing parts from machine tools or moulding machines.

Flexible installation

Thanks to its lighter weight, the ProSix C12 is still a tabletop robot, unlike many competitors that require ground fixing. It can be substituted for heavier robots with a similar reach.

Reduced vibration for better performance

It uses Epson QMEMS sensor technology which helps reduce the vibration of the robot arm in operation, allowing far more precise performance.

Keeping you in control

The ProSix C12 can be controlled by the RC700-A controller; it's high-performing and versatile, and is just as capable as a standalone or integrated system. If it is extended to create a multi-manipulator controller, the Epson RC700-A can operate several robots and various peripherals in a complex system.