High output in tight spaces

  • Great reach Up to 1000mm
  • Payload handling Up to 6kg
  • Uniquely engineered folding arm Performs tasks in tight spaces more efficiently than other robots1
  • Hollow arm Internal cabling for increased freedom of movement
  • Easy set-up Hassle-free installation and moving
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Space saving

Designed for vertical load/unload applications, this compact robot can perform in the tightest of spaces. With a unique folding arm mechanism and small footprint, the N6 takes up less space and can reach every point within a confined working area1. Its high dexterity shortens cycle time and reduces the number of movements.

Hollow arm design

Routing the cables and hoses to the end-effector through the centre of the arm reduces the risk of damage and disconnections that could occur if they were to get caught or pinched when accessing narrow openings to shelves or equipment.

Like the arm, the optional SH250LH force sensor also employs a hollow design, so cables and hoses can be neatly routed through the sensor as well as the arm.

Easy set-up

Installation and moving the robot is hassle-free. Epson has designed the N6 with a hollow structure to house the cabling so it doesn't protrude. The robot can also be set up more easily because you no longer have to take into account the amount of wrist rotation (the wrist is the moving part between joints 5 and 6) when routing cables and hoses.


The N6 handles payloads of up to 6kg


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