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When using the Copy mode it takes a long time to print, what can I do?


In this article the XP-420 has been used as an example, screen and button layouts may vary depending on your product.

Refer to your product’s user’s manual for more information.

Slow printing maybe experienced when using the Copy mode due to the incorrect paper settings being selected.

  1. Enter the Copy mode from the printer’s main menu or button located on the product.

  2. Once in the Copy mode locate the button related to Settings, this can vary from model to model refer to the product’s User’s Manual for more information.

  3. Locate the Paper Type option in the settings menu.
  4. Make sure the paper type matches the paper loaded in the printer. Using photo, glossy or matte papers will result in slower print speeds.

  5. Note:

    If the option for plain papers is missing from the paper type setting make sure the Layout setting is set to With Border not Borderless.

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