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How to setup and use the ELPGS03 3D Glasses


  • Epson 3D projector glasses (ELPGS03)
  • EH-LS10000, EH-TW5100, EH-TW5200, EH-TW570, EH-TW6600, EH-TW6600W, EH-TW7200, EH-TW9200, EH-TW9200W, EH-TW550, EH-TW5910, EH-TW6100, EH-TW6100W, EH-TW8100, EH-TW9100 


(a) Shutter
(b) Nose pad (Adjustable width)
(c) Power switch
(d) Indicator
(e) Pairing button

Reading the indicator (d)

Indicator light Meaning
Flashing red twice × 5 Battery low
Constant red Charging in progress
Constant green Charging complete
Flashing alternately green and red Pairing
Lit green for 10 seconds before turning off Successfully turned on or completed pairing


There are two methods that the ELPGS03 3D projector glasses can be charged:

A. Using the WirelessHD Transmitter

B. Using the USB Charging Adapter


The following outlines standard charging times.

  • Approximately 50 minutes (allows approximately 40 hours of use)
  • Charging for three minutes allows approximately three hours of use

These are approximate charge and use times. Battery life may vary depending on the usage conditions and the operating environment. Also, the rechargeable battery deteriorates over time which gradually reduces the amount of time the 3D glasses can be used between charges.

The battery is not fully charged at the time of purchase. Make sure you charge them before use.


Turning on: Turn on the 3D Glasses using the power switch (c). The indicator (d) turns green for 10 seconds and then turns off. If the power turns off automatically, move the power switch to Off, and then move it back to On.

Turning off: Move the power switch (c) to Off.


If the glasses are powered on for more than 30 seconds without an image signal being detected, the power is turned off automatically.


Pairing should be performed if 3D images are not being displayed correctly.

  1. Turn on the 3D Glasses when a 3D image is being projected. Do not connect the USB charging cable.
  2. Hold down the pairing button (e) for three seconds.

The indicator (d) flashes alternately green and red. If pairing is successful, the indicator turns green for 10 seconds and then turns off. You can also check the message on the projected screen. When performing pairing, the amount of charge remaining in the 3D Glasses and the MAC address are displayed on the projected screen.

You can perform pairing within a range of three metres from the projector. Make sure you are no more than three metres from the projector. If pairing is not successful, the 3D Glasses will automatically power off.

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