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Support & Downloads: WorkForce DS-30

How to troubleshoot image quality problems when scanning with Epson Workforce DS-30


  • Image quality issues.
  • Workforce DS-30 scanner.


To keep your scanner operating at its best, we recommend regularly checking the hardware and software as part of the maintenance of your product. We recommend using the latest version of your Epson Scan software to obtain the best results from your scanner. Epson Scan offers a variety of settings for improving colour, sharpness, contrast, and other aspects affecting image quality; updated versions may contain new settings and adjustments.

If scanned images have streaks, lines, or are not as expected, follow the guidance below to resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting image quality problems when scanning

  1. Download the latest version of Epson Scan for the Workforce DS-30 from the Epson support website. Uninstall any previous version you may have on your computer and install the latest version of Epson Scan.

    For help uninstalling the software, see one of the following articles:

  2. If you are using the scanner for the first time or you are experiencing image quality problems with scans, the scanner may require calibrating. Click here for instructions on calibrating your scanner.

  3. If your problem is not resolved after following the troubleshooting above, follow the instructions in the online guide found here.

How to adjust the scanner using the Calibration Sheet

You can adjust the scanned image quality using the calibration sheet supplied with your product. If you no longer have any calibration sheets, you will need to purchase replacements. Please contact your local Epson support team for information on purchasing this part (part number: B12B818291).

Calibration may be required when the following issues are present:

  • Vertical lines appear in the scanned images:

  • The results are blurred.
  • The colours differ from the original.
  • The density differs from the original.

To calibrate your scanner, do the following:

  1. Make sure the scanner is connected to your computer using a USB cable and is powered on.

  2. Load the calibration sheet into the scanner.

  3. On your computer, select Start > All Programs > EPSON Scan > EPSON Scan Settings to start Epson Scan Settings.

  4. Click the Maintenance button.

  5. The Maintenance window appears. Click the Calibration button.

    The calibration will now start; this may take around 60 seconds. The calibration sheet is ejected automatically when calibration is complete.

For further guidance on maintaining your scanner's hardware, we recommend following the Maintenance section of your user's guide for guidance on cleaning and calibrating the scanner.

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