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Why do I lose communication with my printer when I restart or reset my wireless router/access point?


  • All Epson Wi-Fi/Network products
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


When you reset or restart your wireless router/access point the printer may lose communication with the PC. However, you can prevent this from happening by reconfiguring the software.

When you install a Wi-Fi/Network product on a Windows PC without using the product CD, only the printer and scanner drivers are installed. As a result important software which allows the correct configuration of the network settings is absent. This means that an IP address may be allocated to the printer which becomes redundant when the router is restarted, causing the PC and printer to no longer communicate.

When the product is installed using the Epson product CD, additional Epson software is installed that identifies the printer by the Printer Name and not by the IP address so if the IP address changes the printer still communicates with the PC.

There are two methods to resolve this issue:

  • Solution 1: Download and install the following programs: Scanner Driver, Printer Driver and EpsonNet Print.

  • Solution 2: Download and Install the Web Installer, this software will work like the product’s installation CD and guide you through the installation process.

Solution 1

  1. Download and install the following programs for your product from your local Epson Support site:

    • Scanner Driver
    • Printer Driver
    • EpsonNet Print

      • If the printer driver and Epson Scan are already installed, it is not necessary to install the software again. Instead, download and install only Epson NetPrint and follow the instructions from step 2 and onwards.

      • Click here for information on downloading and installing software for your product.

  2. Open Printers, Printers and Faxes or Devices and Printers (depending on your version of Windows). Right-click on the product icon, and select Properties (Windows 2000, XP and Vista) or Printer Properties (Windows 7 and Windows 8).

  3. Select the Ports tab and make sure your printer is highlighted. Then click Add Port.

  4. Highlight EpsonNet Print Port and select New Port.

  5. Select the required Printer Model from the EpsonNet Print Port window (in this example, Epson Stylus Photo PX820FWD).


    If your device is not displayed in this screen follow the instructions below:

    1. Select Manual Setting and then click Next.

    2. Type your device's IP address into the field highlighted below and then click Next.

    3. Confirm the details displayed are correct and click Finish.

  6. If the IP address is automatically assigned by your Wi-Fi router/access point (via DHCP), leave the Port Type set to IP Address(Auto) and click Finish.

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Solution 2

  1. Download the Web Installer from the Epson Support site for your area:

  2. Click the Download button.

  3. Select Run.

    Note for Windows 7 and Vista users:

    If you see the prompt below, click Yes to accept the User Account Control message.

  4. Read the Epson End User License Agreement carefully. To continue, click the radial beside Agree and then click OK.

  5. The progress and the approximate time left to finish the download is displayed. Wait for this to complete - do not cancel the download.

  6. Once the files are downloaded the installation process starts automatically.

  7. The standard Wi-Fi installation process follows from this screen.

    For further information on installing your product on a Wi-Fi network, click on link beside your product below:

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