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Stylus Pro Graphics: How to maximise usage of your roll paper


  • Epson Stylus Pro printers
  • Printing on roll paper
  • Minimising the amount of roll paper used between prints


The settings in this article will allow you to save roll paper, by minimising the amount of paper used between prints.


There will be more wastage on the first print of a new roll. It is not possible to minimise the wastage on the first print.

Settings may vary between models. For more information on the settings available on your printer please refer to your user guide, available from the Epson website.

Choose or enable the following via the printer's LCD panel menu:

  1. Menu button > Printer Setup > Check Paper Size > select ON.

  2. Menu button > Printer Setup > Check Paper Skew > select ON (if available).

  3. Menu button > Printer Setup > Refresh Margin > select ON.

  4. Menu button > Printer Setup > Roll Paper Margin > select Default.

Next, access the printer's Maintenance Mode, as follows:

  1. Power the printer off.

  2. Hold down the Pause button and power the printer back on.

  3. HEX DUMP will be displayed on the LCD screen. Scroll down using the Down button to PWR ON ROLL PPR FEED.

  4. Change PWR ON ROLL PPR FEED to OFF.

  5. Power off the printer.

  6. Power on the printer. Once restarted, the printer will display the default menu again.

Driver settings

The Auto Rotate and Save Roll Paper options are available in the drivers for most large format printers, and will also help to conserve roll paper.

Auto Rotate can be selected when you select Roll Paper as the Source:

Example in Microsoft Windows


Save Roll Paper is available when you select Roll Paper (Banner) as the Source:

Example in Microsoft Windows

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