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Wireless LAN projectors: NS Connection displays 'No projector was found' in Quick Connection Mode


  • Wireless LAN projectors
  • Using EMP NS Connection in Quick Connection mode
  • Error message "No projector was found"


If you run EMP NS Connection in Quick Connection Mode and see the error "No projector was found", check the points below:

  1. Ensure that the projector is powered on.

  2. Check that the wireless LAN unit is securely connected.

  3. Is the projector's configuration menu open? If so, the projector cannot communicate over the network. Close the menu and return to the EasyMP standby screen.

  4. Set the projector's "Standby Mode" to "Network On".

  5. Check on your PC or laptop that the wireless unit is activated.

  6. Disable any third-party wireless LAN service programs and try connecting again.

You can find further information and product-specific troubleshooting advice in your user guide and network setup guides, which are available from the Support section of the Epson website.

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