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Epson Scan screen rides up every time it is opened. What can I do?

If the main window or Preview window of Epson Scan moves up the screen when the program is open, follow the instructions below to move it back into position.

  1. Make sure that Epson Scan is open and selected in the Windows taskbar (this is the taskbar where any open programs are listed at the edge of your screen).

  2. On your computer's keyboard, hold down ALT and tap the SPACEBAR.

  3. Select Move from the menu that appears.

    Main window

    Menu showing the Move option highlighted on the main window of Epson Scan

    Preview window

    Menu showing the Move option highlighted on the Preview window of Epson Scan

  4. Use the four-way cursor keys on your computer's keyboard to manoeuvre the Epson Scan panel back into view on the desktop.

    Example of the keys to use:

    Example of the four arrow keyboard keys

    Notes Icon Note:

    Do not click with the mouse. Only by using the cursor keys can you reposition the Epson Scan window.

  5. When the EPSON Scan window is positioned as you require, close Epson Scan using the mouse or ALT+F4. Restart the computer to save the changes.

  6. Once restarted, open Epson Scan and attempt to scan as normal.

If it is not possible to access the Move option when trying to reposition the preview panel in Epson Scan, we recommend adjusting your display settings. Do the following:

  1. Leave Epson Scan open. Right-click on your desktop background and left-click Personalise.

  2. Click Display/Display settings and here you will have the option to adjust your resolution (for Windows 7, click Adjust resolution to get the option).

    Notes Icon Note:

    Refer to the documentation that came with your monitor for advice on selecting a suitable resolution setting. If you select an unsuitable resolution or an image is no longer displayed, press the space bar key on your keyboard to return to the screen.

  3. Select a different resolution setting, suitable for your monitor, and then click Apply.

    Display Settings dialog for Windows 7 and Vista

  4. Click Yes to the Display Settings prompt if you wish to keep the selected resolution setting.

    Display Settings confirmation

  5. This should now reposition the Epson Scan screen so the preview panel is now accessible. Change the resolution back to the previous setting if required, the Epson Scan screen will still be accessible.

In the event the issue is not resolved, contact Epson for support.

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