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Support & Downloads: Epson Stylus Photo R2000

A Security Warning message appears when I install a Windows Vista compatible driver that I downloaded from Epson. Why do I see this message?


  • Windows Vista
  • Driver installation
  • User Account Control warning messages
  • Stylus Photo R2400, Stylus Photo R2880, Stylus Pro 11880, Stylus Pro 3800, Stylus Pro 3880, Stylus Pro 4400, Stylus Pro 4450, Stylus Pro 4800, Stylus Pro 4880, Stylus Pro 7400, Stylus Pro 7450, Stylus Pro 7700, Stylus Pro 7800, Stylus Pro 7880, Stylus Pro 9400, Stylus Pro 9450, Stylus Pro 9700, Stylus Pro 9800, Stylus Pro 9880


The message is a warning that the driver does not have a Windows Vista Digital Signature, which means it is not Windows Vista certified. However the Epson driver is compatible with Windows Vista. Click Run to continue the installation.

Windows Vista 'Digitally Signed' drivers will be available at a later date. Keep checking our web site for updates.

Download IE Security Warning

Under Microsoft's Windows family of consumer operating systems, certification is required for those vendors who wish to use the 'Designed for Windows' logo on their products.

A certified product may be included on Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List, a resource often used by corporate IT departments when making purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, Windows ME, 2000, XP and Vista drivers are expected to have a digital certificate, which proves they have passed Windows Certification.

The digital certificate earned is an encrypted code that is added to the driver files. The driver has passed certification.

Without the certificate, the user is notified of potential compatibility issues when installing the device. Windows certification is designed to ensure that the new hardware device complies with operating system requirements.

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