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Large Format Printers: What steps should I try if I have horizontal banding?


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The most common causes of horizontal banding in printouts are missing, deflected nozzles or a clogged print head.

  1. Print a nozzle check pattern and examine the printout, preferably with a 10x focal length (or better) eye loupe or magnifier glass, to see if you have any missing or deflected nozzles.
  2. If sections of the nozzle check pattern are missing or the print is deflected, perform a head clean cycle and print your document or image again.
    • For instructions on performing head cleans, please refer to one of the articles listed above.
  3. If no sections of the nozzle check printout pattern are missing or deflected, make sure you are using the correct media and print quality driver settings for the type of media you are printing on.
  4. Also try printing at a higher quality (resolution or dpi) and turn off high-speed (bi-directional) printing.

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