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Scanner and All-In-One range: Easy Photo Fix technology overview - Color Restoration, Dust Removal and Backlight Correction


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Epson Easy Photo Fix is a component of the Epson Scan supplied with many Epson scanners and All-In-Ones. It's the easy way to improve your photos – the software automatically picks up on any defects and corrects them to ensure your photos are the best quality they can be. It’s very simple to use and is ideal for beginners or professionals. Epson’s Easy Photo Fix technology has just what you need to scan automatically or easily fix problem photos, slides, or negatives – with just one click.

So how does it work?

With Epson's fully automatic scanning you simply place a picture on the scan bed. Epson Scan automatically previews the images and recognises the document source and type. This mode then automatically crops, optimises and scans the image. Home and Professional modes are also available for added image scanning control.

There are three improvements that Easy Photo Fix can make to your scanned photos - colour restoration, dust removal and backlight correction.

Epson Easy Photo Fix is perfect for photo, negative, and transparency restoration. Designed specifically for high quality photo and film scanning, the colour restoration software employs sophisticated technology to restore image colour that has been affected by fading through sunlight or other conditions. Epson Easy Photo Fix can also remove dust by detecting dust particles and adjust the image if there is too much backlight. It then automatically corrects the shadows to near-perfect quality.

Color Restoration

Color Restoration is just one component of Easy Photo Fix Technology allowing you to optimise your scanned images by restoring faded colours, removing dust and film grain. With just one click, Epson's exclusive Color Restoration technology automatically adjusts the image in the preview scan by rebalancing the colour channels effectively removing the colour casts caused by dark storage, light exposure and age. The corrected image data is preserved in the final scan allowing for further editing if necessary.

One-touch colour restoration


Even in a closet or album, a photo can turn magenta or orange, while a photo hanging on the wall can turn yellow or green. The good news is that Epson Easy Photo Fix can restore old, faded, colour-shifted photographs to near original colours. Now you can share those memories with the colours as they actually were, relive the moments and preserve the photographs for future generations to enjoy!


Anyone who has old, faded photographs, any photographs in which the colours have shifted, or even underwater shots will find Epson's exclusive one-touch Color Restoration invaluable. Instantly restore faded, colour-shifted photographs to their near original colours.

Dust Removal

Removing dust from slides and negatives is easy with Epson Easy Photo Fix. With this software, you can create photographs that are as good as new by removing dust particles. The software detects the dust particles on your negatives and photos and adjusts the colours of the photo removing the shadows that the dust has created.

It's as easy as one-click in the Epson Scan driver. Old slides, negatives and photos can carry dust and be discoloured. This old slide has obvious dust and is also discoloured - let an Epson scanner do the work and, as you can see here, the dust is gone and the colour restored in one scan!


Backlight correction

Backlight correction is the third function of Epson’s Easy Photo Fix. Sometimes when you take a photo, you find there is too much background light in the picture, making the subject unclear and very dark. With Easy photo Fix you can automatically detect too much light and correct any shadows that may be in the photo to improve the quality. The photo is then much clearer and more like the original you wanted to take.

  • Relive and share the most cherished moments captured from the past.
  • Easy to use, one-touch Color Restoration renews faded and discoloured photos back to near original colours.
  • Restore faded slides and negatives in one click of a button.
  • See your underwater photos as clearly as you remembered it.

Only Epson offers Easy Photo Fix technology, to preserve memories for enjoyment of generations to come.

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