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What does the scanner's Start button light indicate?


  • Scanner lights and buttons


The Start button light indicates the scanner's status. The chart below shows the indications and the status they represent.

Light Colour Indicator



 Green light on and steady On

Ready to scan images.

 Green light flashing Flashing

Warming up or scanning.


 Red light flashing Flashing

An error has occurred. See section Reading the Scanner Light for information.




 No light displayed Off

The scanner is off. Make sure it is connected to your computer, and plugged into a power source.

Some scanners have a light on the document cover. When this Blue document cover light on Blue light is on, the scanner is scanning transparent documents (such as film or slides).

Reading the Scanner Light

If an error occurs, the scanner stops operating and the Status light flashes red (or for some models, orange). This indicates one of the following problems:

  • The scanner transportation lock is locked.

    Notes Icon Note:
    • Some scanner models do not have a transportation lock.
    • A TPU lock is only present on some models with a Transparency Unit TPU).

    Power off the scanner (depending on your scanner model, there may be a dedicated  Power button that you should use), then move the lock to the unlock position. Some scanners have a lock that you can slide to one side, others have a round 'coin style' lock which requires a coin or similar object to rotate it to the unlock position.

  • If your scanner has a Transparency Unit lock, you should also check that this is in the unlock position (when the power is off). This is normally located on the underside of the scanner cover by the TPU.

    Examples of scanner and TPU transportation locks

    Scanner lock (f) (rear) Scanner lock (a) (underside)
    Scanner lock 'coin style' TPU lock (2) (under lid)

  • The scanner is not connected to the computer properly, or the software is not fully installed. Try restarting your computer and unplugging the scanner. Wait 10 seconds, then plug the scanner back in.

  • The scanner cover cable is not connected to the scanner's OPTION port. Power OFF the scanner (using the  Power button if your scanner has one) then connect the cable to the port. If the cable is already connected, unplug it, check the pins are not bent, then reconnect it to the port.

      Notes Icon Note:

      Some scanner models do not have an OPTION port.

  • If you are scanning film, make sure that the white reflective document mat has been removed from under the scanner lid.

Refer to your scanner's user guide for the location of the OPTION interface port connector and scanner/TPU locks.

If the light is still flashing, disconnect the scanner then uninstall and reinstall the scanner software. Click on one of the links below to view the support article for your operating system:

If the status light is still flashing red or orange then after trying these solutions, power off the scanner (using the  Power button if it has one), then turn it back on.

If the the red/orange error light is still flashing:

  • The scanner may be malfunctioning.

  • The scanner light source may need to be replaced.

  • Any connected optional equipment may be malfunctioning.

  • Contact Epson for support.

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