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Can I install a Windows XP driver on a Windows Vista PC?


  • Windows Vista, Vista x64
  • Driver compatibility
  • Products released prior to Vista


If a Windows Vista driver is not available for your product, you can attempt to use the Windows XP driver instead.

    Notes Icon Note:

    Please be aware that Epson neither advocates nor supports this solution.

When installing the Windows XP version of a driver, from either the product CD or the Epson website, you will receive warnings from the Windows Vista operating system. When the following User Account Control warning appears, click 'Allow' to continue the installation:

User Account Control Message

This User Account Control (UAC) warning occurs because Vista cannot identify the publisher of the file (Epson in this case).

Although the driver should function, there are a number of issues you may encounter:

2006 Models:

  1. When closing the installer, you may receive an Alert and/or Error dialogue box.

  2. If Internet Explorer is set to Protected Mode, you may receive Print Preview errors and the Progress Meter may be inaccurate.

  3. The Driver Update button does not work.

  4. Certain ICM Profile names cannot be selected within the media profiler.

  5. Error messages appear when the PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller) is called.

  6. Epson Photo Paper is incorrectly labelled as 'Epson Photo Paper Crispia' and cannot be selected from the Windows Printing Wizard.

Previous Models:

  1. For many models, the XP driver cannot be installed because the installer for EPSON Status Monitor cannot identify the operating system correctly.

  2. You may receive a User Account Control alert when launching or closing the installer.

  3. For some models, the number of prints cannot be changed in the Printing Wizard.  It can, however, be changed in the driver window.

You may also experience the following error message during the driver installation process:

Install Stopped Working

Click the Close program button to skip the error message and continue.

Notes Icon Note:

Important: When the XP version integrated installer is used on Vista, the process is stopped while installing the printer driver with an error message and the remaining programs are not installed. Please see article How do I solve the problem where the Epson installation program crashes in Windows Vista?.

Inbox drivers and Windows Vista support:

For product-specific information on Vista driver support, see this article.

Where a Vista driver is available, Epson recommends using it. Many Epson products are supported out-of-the-box with Vista, either with a Windows inbox driver or ESC/P2 driver. For those products with an inbox driver, Vista will normally install the appropriate driver for the printer upon detection (when the printer has been powered on and connected to the computer). However, you can also install the driver manually using the Windows Add Printer Wizard.

Many products have full Epson driver support, with a driver available to download from the Epson Support website.

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