I have purchased the Perfection V750 Pro or V850 Pro. How do I claim the optional free Fluid Mount Accessory?

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  • Perfection V750 Pro
  • Perfection V850 Pro
  • Fluid Mount Accessory


If you have purchased the Perfection V750 Pro or V850 Pro, you can claim a optional free Fluid Mount Accessory from Epson.

The Epson Fluid Mount Accessory is for advanced film scanning and enables you take full advantage of your scanner's capability for high-resolution imaging. When used with a commercial mounting fluid, it holds the film flat to maintain a consistently sharp focus, helps eliminate Newton rings, reduces grain, and reduces the appearance of scratches on silver-based negatives.

To claim your optional free unit, please contact us with your product's serial number. We will also require your name and contact details, including the address to which the item would be dispatched, along with a copy of the proof of purchase for your product.

If you own a Perfection V700 Photo or V800 Photo, the Fluid Mount Accessory may be available to purchase as an optional accessory for your product from one of the companies listed in the dealer search: https://neon.epson-europe.com/gb/en/dealersearch/

  • For customers in UK and Ireland, visit http://www.epson.co.uk/contact-us to view contact information for Epson UK. For email, please use our general enquiries online support form.
  • For customers outside of the UK, visit https://www.epson.eu/contact-us and select your region/country. You will be presented with the contact page link or details of you local Epson support service.