My product is stuck in Recovery or Printer mode

Recovery Mode error message:

You have attempted to update the firmware of your Epson product using the Epson Software Updater tool but receive the following message on your computer:

You may also see Recovery Mode on the LCD panel of the Epson printer and you will be unable to perform any actions until this issue is resolved.


This error can occur if the firmware update procedure is interrupted (e.g. accidental or intentional powering off the Epson printer), cables being removed, or the installation being cancelled before it has completed.


In either case (if the error message appears on the panel of the printer and/or computer), restart the firmware update procedure again; ensuring that the Firmware Update Complete message appears on both the panel of the printer and the software updater tool on the computer.

If the above solution fails, please contact Epson support for assistance.

Printer Mode Error:

This error is only displayed on panel of the Epson printer.


  1. Disconnect all peripheral devices (such as memory sticks etc.).
  2. Remove the USB and ethernet cable.
  3. Turn the printer off using the control panel.
  4. Wait 15 seconds
  5. Power back on.

If the problem persists, please contact Epson for further support.