SureColor SC-F7200/F9200 Series: Cleaning the Caps

There has been a change to the cap maintenance procedure, this article will take you through the new cap cleaning process



DO NOT use any of the ink cleaner fluid on or around the Cleaning Cap or the Anti-drying Caps.



  1. Move the print head to the maintenance position:
    1. Press the Maintenance button
    2. Use the arrow buttons to select Head Maintenance and press OK

    The print head will move to the maintenance position


    The buzzer will sound after 10 minutes if the print head is still in the maintenance position. Press the OK button to reset the buzzer for a further 10 minutes.

  2. Open the right maintenance door
  3. Wipe off any excess ink from the Anti-Drying caps, using a new small cleaning stick.
  4. Hold the cleaning stick as shown below and wipe the outer area of all the caps.
  5. Wipe any ink off the guide section
  6. After cleaning close the right maintenance cover and press OK twice.



Video Tutorial: Cleaning the Caps