TM-C3500 Windows Driver Settings Migration using BSF


  • Printer driver settings can be exported or imported to a backup settings file – BSF file.
  • The BSF file stores user-defined Favourite Settings and Driver Utilities, such as paper layout, barcode, and operation settings.
  • Some settings are stored in the printer and communicated to the driver but not stored in the BSF, such as Media Detection.
  • BSF files are not compatible between different versions of the driver e.g. 102 and 103.


The BSF file may be useful for importing driver settings to a new system or to a non-persistent thin client. This article will provide some conditions and further details.

To save the modified Current settings that can be found in the General tab and Options tab, you must first “Save as Favourite Settings” as in Figure 1.

Figure 1

This will open the Save/Delete Favourite Setting menu. Here you store the Current Settings to a new Favourite Settings object with a new name as in Figure 2.

Figure 2

In this list, Favourite Settings “test1”, “test2” and “test3” will all be saved to the BSF. Be aware that the Current Settings are local to the driver instance and are not saved to the BSF.

In the general tab, see Figure 3, the only exception - Media Detection is accessible from an online printer directly and so it is not saved in the BSF file. Please note you will have to configure the printer using this function in the driver or in the Printer Setting utility.

Figure 3
Media Detection is accessible from printer directly and is not saved in the BSF file. An error occurs when Media Detection is selected when the printer is offline.

The Driver Utilities tab contains settings that are independent of the Favourite settings but are also stored in the BSF. In this tab the BSF file can be imported and exported as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 - The BSF file can be saved and restored here.

Note that when you import a BSF file in one driver instance, the changes will apply to all driver instances.

Table 1 summarises all driver settings, showing default values and whether or not they are part of Favourite Settings, and whether or not they are saved in the BSF file.

Item Default value/setting Favorite Settings BSF file
General tab      
Media Type Matte Label Available Available
Print Quality Speed Available Available
(Advanced Settings) Automatic Available Available
- Color Preset Color Controls Available Available
- Mode EPSON Preferred Color Available Available
- Gamma 2.2 Available Available
- Ink Profile and Brightness Adjustment OFF Available Available
- Ink Profile(BkCMY) 0 Available Available
- Ink Profile(Bk) 0 Available Available
- Brightness Median Available Available
- Bidirectional Printing ON Available Available
- Banding Reduction ON Available Available
Media Layout 108x174.8mm Die-cut Label Available Available
User Defined Media Layout N/A N/A Available
Media Detection N/A N/A N/A
Roll Paper Saving Eliminate Lower Margin Available Available
Settings For Paper Handling After Print Auto Cut - After Every Page Available Available
Notification None Available Available
Options tab      
Orientation Portrait Available Available
Rotate 180 OFF Available Available
Copies 1 Available Available
Collate OFF Available Available
Reverse Order OFF Available Available
Print Position Adjustment - Vertical 0 Available Available
Print Position Adjustment - Horizontal 0 Available Available
Driver Utilities tab      
Barcode and 2D Symbol Settings N/A N/A Available
Font Replacement N/A N/A Available
Driver Preferences   N/A Available
- High Speed Copies ON N/A Available
- Show Progress Meter Disable N/A Available
- Use EPSON Status Monitor 3 OFF N/A Available
- Show Mouse Over Help ON N/A Available
- Always spool RAW data type OFF N/A Available
- Print as Bitmap OFF N/A Available
- Skip Blank Page OFF N/A Available
- Join Adjacent Barcodes or 2D Symbol Fonts ON N/A Available
- Enable Platen Vacuum Manual Adjustment OFF N/A Available
- Units to use inch (in U.S.) N/A Available
- Folder Use the default folder N/A Available
EPSON Log File Settings   N/A Available
- Output Log ON N/A Available
- Output Print Settings ON N/A Available
- Maximum File Size 5120kB N/A Available
- Folder Use the default folder N/A Available
Notification Settings for Fatal Errors      
- Ambient Temperature Error ON N/A Available
- Service Required ON N/A Available
- Nozzle Clogged Warning ON N/A Available
Monitoring Preferences      
- Error ON N/A Available
- Communication Error OFF N/A Available
- Ink Low OFF N/A Available
- Service Required ON N/A Available
- Shortcut Icon OFF N/A Available
(- Icon image) Left icon N/A Available
Printer Utilities tab      
Manual Head Cleaning N/A N/A N/A
Nozzle Check N/A N/A N/A
Printer Setting Utilities N/A N/A N/A


BSF files are binary files created on particular driver versions and are not compatible with other driver versions. E.g. 102-generated-BSF files are not compatible with driver version 103 and vice versa. This can be an issue for migrating driver settings data to new systems where different driver versions are involved.