Fast and powerful

  • Compact, speedy and precise Designed for pinpoint accuracy in very small workspaces
  • Extensive configuration options Available in various arm lengths and mounting options.
  • Safe robot motion Use limits to enable a synchronized working with the robot
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Compact precise performance

SCARA GX20 Series robots are the right choice for use in confined spaces and despite their small size, they have a substantial work envelope. Despite the small size, the robot's arm length allows it to cover a large working area, and thanks to the patented motion sensors, vibrations of the arm are eliminated, even when heavy loads are moved.

Extensive configuration options

GX20 Series robots can be supplied as tabletop, wall or ceiling-mounted units, as well as clean room options.

Outstanding versatility

SCARA GX20 Series robots are used in a huge range of industries, from assembling automotive components, mobile phones and computer parts, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications, not to mention lab automation and scientific analysis.

What is in the box?

  1. 2 Sets of mounting brackets for the robot controller (RC180)
  2. Back-up disc of the robot controller (RC180)
  3. Connector for standard I/O
  4. Emergency stop connector
  5. Epson RC+ program CD including simulation software
  6. Epson robot and controller
  7. Grease for shaft (50 g)
  8. Installation/safety manual
  9. Mouse and keyboard (for RC620)
  10. Power and signal cable (3 m)
  11. Set of connectors for user wiring
  12. TP/OP bypass plug (installed before shipment)
  13. USB programming cable (for RC180)

Tech Specs

The product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Development Environment
Programming Language
Epson SPEL+ (multitasking possible)
SCARA (4 axis robot)
nom. 10 kg, max. 20 kg
Reach horizontal
850 mm
Reach Vertical
J3: 180 mm
Reach Orientation
J4: +/- 360 °
Repeatability Horizontal
+/- 0.025 mm
Repeatability Vertical
J3: +/- 0.01 mm
Repeatability Orientation
J4: +/- 0.005 °
Max. range of operation
J1: +/- 152 °, J2: +/- 152.5 °, J3: 180 mm, J4: +/- 360 °
Max. Operating Speed
J1,J2: +/- 11,000 mm/s, J3: +/- 1,100 mm/s, J4: +/- 2,400 °/s
Moment of Inertia
nom. 0.02 kg*m², max. 0.25 kg*m²
User Wires Electric
1x D-Sub 9 pin, 1x D-Sub 15 pin
Ø Outside: 25 mm
Insertion force
250 N
Product weight
48 kg
Mounting option
IP protection class
Power and signal cable
3m, 5m, 10m, 20m
UL 1740-1998
200-240V AC Single Phase


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