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Powerful universal Controller



The Epson RC700-E is also designed for the new generation of robots featuring Epson QMEMS® sensor technology.

Open system architecture

The Epson RC700-E can communicate with all conventional field bus systems and is open for the connection of lower and higher level controllers, sensors, actors, conveyor belts and other peripherals. This means that the RC700-E can take over all robot control, motion control and process control functions - without the need for a PLC.

Multitasking specialist

If several robots and peripherals are connected to the controller, the RC700-E’s multi-tasking ability enables you to use your system more effectively and with less susceptibility to problems. Synchronisation

takes place using markers and without additional wiring being required.

The RC700-E can process 48 multi-tasks. Of these 16 tasks can be used as background tasks - even if the robot program is interrupted. This multi-tasking ability means that even complex processes can be

controlled easily within the work cell.

RC700-E Drive Units – the plus for manipulators

Would you like to increase the number of manipulators in your system which are controlled with a single controller? The RC700-E drive units can be used to control up to 4 manipulators with ease. This enables you to synchronise robots which work together in a working environment easily using tasks and markers

Features and advantages

• Powerful universal controller, can be expanded into a multi-manipulator controller

• Multi-tasking

• Compact design

• Low power consumption

• Low power loss

• Graded safety systems (Safety door circuits / Emergency Stop circuits)

• Remote control and maintenance possible using additional PC

• Standard industrial inputs/outputs

• One/Two-phase connectability

• TCP-IP connection

• RS 232 connection

• Real-time inputs/outputs

• Integrated motor circuit-breaker

• Status indicator


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