High output, small footprint

  • Compact six-axis robot Takes up less workspace than other six-axis robots
  • Extremely manoeuvrable Inwardly-oriented second axis makes full use of operating area
  • Efficient movement High dexterity shortens cycle time and reduces number of movements
  • Fully integrated Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
  • Versatile and flexible An ideal solution for applications from automotive to phramaceutical
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High output, low space requirement

The N2-Series six-axis robot can reach every part of its work cell with ease. This is thanks to a revolutionary kinematic geometry with a completely new folding arm which can cover the same active range as a robot with a significantly longer arm.

Extremely manoeuvrable

A traditional six-axis robot must fully extend its arm for reorientation, which takes space and time. The N2 has a second axis oriented inwards, moving the centre of rotation downwards. This means the second axle shaft can travel through the zero position, 'hopping' from one side to the other.

Keeping you in control

The Epson ProSix N2 Series can be controlled by the RC700-A controller. High-performing and versatile, it's just as capable as a standalone or integrated system, and can operate several robots and various peripherals in a complex system.


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