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SKU: C31CK50192A0

Fast, compact, versatile

  • Stylish, all-new design Ultra-compact, sleek, reliable and affordable
  • Improved mobile connectivity Includes a USB Type-C PD connector, plus integral Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Designed for efficiency Features a paper near-end detector and superior decurling mechanism
  • Built for tough environments IPX2 protection against liquids, plus antibacterial surface treatment
  • Wider platform support Now supports Windows and Android, as well as iOS


Even more feature-rich than its predecessors, this addition to Epson’s highly popular TM-m30 series features an ultra-small footprint and super-sleek design, and delivers easy, cost-effective and reliable receipt printing in any environment where space is an issue. Including not only a USB Type-C PD (Power Delivery) connector, the TM-m30III (Wireless model) also features integral Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, while its antibacterial coating provides protection against liquids to IPX2 standards, making it ideal for tough environments such as kitchens. Also featuring a paper near-end detection system, it’s great for kiosks and self-checkouts, and its superior de-curling mechanism means that it’s perfect for receipts that need a signature. Now supporting Android and Windows as well as iOS, the TM-m30III comes with links to video guides that make set-up and configuration fast and easy.

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  • Lightspeed TM-m30III (192): Wi-Fi + BT, Black, UK Datasheet / Brochure Download PDF