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How to upgrade the firmware on the Stylus Office BX300F


  • How to upgrade the firmware on the Stylus Office BX300F
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista


Why should I update the firmware?

You should only update the firmware under very specific circumstances, as follows:

  • You have encountered a warning message on the LCD screen that instructs you to change an ink cartridge and the Yellow ink cartridge, but the Yellow cartridge does not require replacement, AND:
  • The printer's firmware version is TT0886.

This warning message only appears if any combination of the Black, Cyan or Magenta ink cartridges have between 3% and 6% of their ink remaining AND you have tried to perform a Head Clean from the printer's control panel.

  • If you have not encountered the warning message under these specific circumstances then you do not need to apply the firmware update.

  • If you have encountered the warning message under these specific circumstances then you may need to apply the firmware update. Move to the next section.

How to check if the firmware update is required:

In order to confirm if you need to apply this firmware update, you will need to do the following:

  1. Print a nozzle check via the printers control panel. Does the firmware version match the version above?

  2. Check the "Ink Levels" via the LCD menu. Does the Yellow have more than one shaded block displayed on the printer's LCD screen?

Important information to note prior to updating the firmware:

  • Ensure that there are no alternative peripherals connected to your computer.
  • Once the BX300F is powered on as specified in the instructions, do NOT power off until the procedure has been completed.
  • Do NOT connect the phone line cable to the BX300F.

The Firmware Update Process:

  1. Download the Epson Firmware Update Tool from the Drivers & Software section of the Epson Support website.

    1. Save the file ( to your Desktop or a folder of your choice. When the file has finished downloading, locate the file, right-click on it and select the Extract All... option. (Alternatively, double-click the file and use another method to extract the files contained in the download, such as WinZip or WinRAR.):

      License agreement

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to extract the files. Make a note of where the extracted files are. Later, when instructed, you will need to run BX300_Updater.exe to perform the firmware update.

  2. Connect the BX300F power cable to the printer, but do not power the printer on at this point.

  3. Ensure that the BX300F is connected directly to an onboard USB port on your host computer via a USB cable.

  4. Power on the BX300F whilst pressing the Stop, Left and Colour Copy buttons, as shown below:

  5. If the BX300F has successfully powered on in the Firmware Updating Mode, the following screen should appear on the BX300F LCD screen:

    Followed by the screen below 3 seconds later:


    The following error message will be displayed on the computer screen if the BX300F cannot enter the Firmware Updating Mode:

    Press OK and retry Step 4.

  6. The computer may launch the Found New Hardware Wizard. If so, ensure that you cancel this window:

    Windows XP Windows Vista

  7. Locate the Epson Firmware Update Tool BX300_Updater.exe that you downloaded previously and double-click on the BX300_Updater icon to start the update:

  8. If your operating system is Windows Vista, you may see the following User Account Control window. Select the Allow option:

  9. The following screen should now open.  Click Update:

    If the BX300F is connected correctly, you will see the following screens on your computer monitor. Click OK:

    Although the firmware transfer is completed, the printer will now take approximately 1 minute to update the firmware itself.

    The following screens should appear on the printer's LCD screen:

    A.    B.

    C.    D.

  10. Once the firmware update has been completed, the following screen will be displayed for 3 seconds on the BX300F's LCD screen:

  11. To confirm that the firmware update has been successful, the following screen will then be displayed on the BX300F's LCD screen:

  12. Press OK on the BX300F control panel to automatically power off the printer.

    Once the BX300F has powered off automatically, the firmware update procedure has been completed.


    The following error message will be displayed on screen if the USB cable is not connected correctly:

    Click OK and check the USB connection. Then retry Step 9.

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