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TM-T88VI series

The T88VI is a state-of-the-art receipt printer, offering fast print speeds and high reliability, with advanced features to support the coexistence of traditional PC POS with the web and tablet POS services.

Ideal for retailers and hospitality businesses looking to tap into the benefits of web and tablet POS services while maintaining compatibility with existing applications, the TM-T88VI offers an ideal solution for customer-facing businesses of all sizes, and some of the most advanced features on the market.


Key features

The TM-T88VI offers a wide range of features designed to enable retailers and hospitality businesses to benefit from affordable and innovative tablet and web-based POS solutions without compromising existing PC-based solutions.


The TM-T88VI can print from multiple devices with different interfaces, including PC, web and tablet.

This means users can maintain a traditional set-up, or easily migrate to a tablet or web-based solution without losing access to established systems.

Beacon Support

A beacon1 is a BLE (Bluetooth low energy) dongle that lets tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices detect the closest printer.

In multiple-unit installations, it allows users to find the nearest printer to them.

Server Direct Print

Server Direct Print allows print data to be acquired from a web server and printed. This is used to deliver web-based printings directly to the T88VI, such as online orders, coupons and click-and-collect applications.

NFC support

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows a compatible mobile device to connect by simply tapping the printer with it.

NFC is used by the TM-T88VI for easy pairing or to trigger printing.

Print Speed

High print speeds allow faster transaction times and help reduce queues, improving customer satisfaction.

The TM-T88VI delivers an impressive 350mm/s to ensure waiting times are kept to a minimum.


Highly reliable, with the peace of mind of a four-year warranty.

The TM-T88VI provides worry-free operation, even in high-volume environments.

  1. Epson does not manufacture dongles, but can refer buyers to manufacturers and models that will work with our receipt printers.

State-of-the-art PC, tablet and web-based POS receipt printer

The TM-T88VI can print receipts directly from the web, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices using XML commands, and offers internal storage for database and web content uploads. It coexists with traditional PC-based applications, and works on several platforms so it’s simple to integrate with your existing network. All models come with Ethernet connectivity, with optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity available.

Easy to integrate

The TM-T88VI offers a variety of tools for configuration, operation, installation support and development, as well as TM-Utility for easy set-up. SDKs are available for software developers to create native apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices or web applications.

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Approx. 74% Approx. 57% Approx. 51%
Normal lenght
Same reduction rate as TM-T88V
Character height reduction
Top-margin reduction (Backward paper feeding)

Paper saving functionality

The TM-T88VI offers advanced paper-saving functions, allowing you to reduce wastage by up to 49% without affecting legibility. These optional features include white space removal, barcode and character height reduction. The TM-T88VI prints your logo on the next receipt before cutting the one before it, and has backward paper feeding, to ensure maximum paper usage.

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Feature comparison against TM-T88V

The TM-T88VI adds a range of important new features to our flagship receipt printer range, including coexistence to let you run both PC and web and tablet POS services in parallel, making it easy to migrate to a mobile POS solution. The TM-T88VI also offers improved print speeds, to allow swifter customer service, as well as new features to help you save paper.

Features TM-T88V TM-T88VI
Epson’s ePOS technology for printing from web applications and smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, using dedicated apps or a browser.
Coexistence for printing from both USB and network (ePOS). This is useful for migrating from traditional PC-based printers to intelligent receipt printers, as you can keep using a PC-based solution while web or tablet services are integrated. -
Prints speeds of up to: 300mm/s 350mm/s
Server Direct Print allows the receipt printer to obtain and print data directly from web server. This allows online orders, coupons, click-and-collect applications, and other web-based content to be printed. -
HTTPS support ensures completely secure communication all the way from order to receipt printer. -
Backward paper feeding function, for a even more efficient paper saving -
Configuration, operation and development tools to ensure easy and cost-effective implementation and maintenance.
Available in: Black, white, EDG or ECW Black or white

TM-T88VI iHub


ePOS and coexistence

Supplied with Epson’s ePOS technology for printing from web applications and smart devices. Coexistence allows iHub to run both PC POS simultaneously with tablet and web-based systems.

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Faster printing speeds

Prints at speeds up to 350mm/s.

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Beacon support allows users to print to the nearest printer in a multi-printer setup. Full range of configuration, operation and development tools for easy installation and maintenance.

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Backwards paper-feeding

Reduce wastage by maximising the printable area on every receipt.

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Extensive connectivity options including four USB-A sockets (one able to charge a tablet or phone) as well as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB-B and a serial port. NFC support makes device pairing easy.

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Server Direct Print

Collect print data (such as online orders, coupons or click-and-collect applications) from a web server and deliver it directly to the TM-T88VI iHub for printing. The TM-T88VI iHub supports HTTPS to allow secure communication from the application to the printer.

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DM-D30 customer display

Available in black and white, just like the TM-m30, and designed to match its modern look, this LCD customer display unit can easily placed next to or on top of the TM‑m30.

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Tablet stand

This tablet stand is adjustable, allowing you to use it with a range of tablets. It comes with a key lock to secure a tablet in place, and can be desk or counter mounted.



Key Features

  • Fast print speeds: Print at speeds of up to 350mm/s
  • Proven reliability: Epson's proven track record for reliability
  • Co-existence: Allows PC, mobile and web connection at the same time
  • Server direct print: Print directly from web server to any connected receipt printer
  • Beacon support: Lets mobile devices print to the nearest available printer
BS-Changeable Interface

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

SKU: C31CE94111A0
  • Print type

    Print method
    Thermal line printing
    Themal Line
  • Fonts & Styles

    Print Speed
    350 mm/sec
    Print Speed (default)
    300 mm/sec
    Print Speed receipt
    350 mm/sec
    Printing Font
    Column capacity receipt
    Paper width 80 mm, 58 / 80
    Character size
    12 mm (W) x 24 mm (H) / 99 mm (W) x 24 mm (H)
    Character set
    95 Alphanumeric, 18 set International, 128 x 43 Graphic
    Dot density
    180 DPI x 180 DPI
    Printing Characters
    Text (incl. Euro symbol), Graphics, Barcode
  • Paper

    Paper Types
    Paper Thickness
    48 µm - 80 µm
    Paper size roll paper
    79.50 ± 0.50 (W) mm x dia 83.00 mm,
    57.50 ± 0.50 (W) mm x dia 83.00 mm
  • Interfaces

    USB 2.0 Type A, USB 2.0 Type B, RS-232, Wired Network, Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n (optional), Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (optional), Drawer kick-out
  • Data Buffer

    Data Buffer
    4 kB or 45 Bytes
  • Power

    Power Supply
    PS-180 & UK AC cable
    Operating Voltage
    24 V
  • General

    Product dimensions
    145‎ x 195 x 148 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
    Product weight
    1.6 kg
    horizontally, wall hanging
    Interface connectors
    D.K.D. function
    Supported Humidity
    Operation 10% - 90%
    Supported Temperature
    Operation 5° C - 45° C, Storage -10° C - 50° C
  • Reliability

    70,000,000 MCBF (Lines), 360,000 MTBF (Hours)
    Auto Cutter Life
    3,000,000 Cuts
    Printer Life
    20,000,000 lines
    Print Head Life
    200 km - 200,000,000 pulses
  • Standards Compliance

    EMC Standards
    CE marking, EN55024
    Safety standards
    UL, CSA
  • Other Features

    Changeable interface
    Near Field Communication available
    Partial Cut
    Paper Near End Sensor, Cover Open Sensor, Paper sensor
  • What's in the box

    What's in the box
    Connector Cover, Main unit, PS-180 & AC cable, Paper spacer, Power switch cover, Roll paper, Setup guide, Warranty document
  • Other

    48 months Carry-in

Consumables and Accessories

Choose from a wide range of options and accessories.

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