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C7500 & C7500G: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right product for me: the C7500 or C7500G?

If Matte-coated media used, Epson recommends the C7500

If Glossy-coated media used, Epson recommends the C7500G

What is the difference between DURABrite Ultra & UltraChrome inks?

Both the DURABrite Ultra and UltraChrome inks are pigment based, which make them very durable.

The difference is in the structure of the pigments:

The pigments in the DURABrite Ultra ink have a size and shape that's more suitable for matte coated media.

The pigments in the UltraChrome ink have a size and shape that's more suitable for glossy coated media.

What would be the recommended product in case I'm using both - matte and glossy coated media?

Only the C7500G can print on matte and glossy coated media.

Can I swap the inks? (use DURABrite Ultra ink cartridges with C7500G and vice-versa)

The cartridges are not interchangeable. When inserting the wrong ink cartridge an error message will appear on the screen.

Is the Cost Per Label the same for both types of inks?

The cost of both inks is the same, but the total cost per label varies on the type of media and the driver settings used.

Can I use media without inkjet coating?

No, all media should be coated for inkjet printers.

Are all printouts water- and alcohol-proof and is the result same for all media?

Both DURABrite Ultra & UltraChrome inks are pigmented inks and therefore very resistant to water- and alcohol. However resistance can change depending on the media used.

Can I print GHS compliant labels with the TM-C7500 and C7500G?

The C7500 when printing onto PE Matte media is BS 5609 certified.

Can I print transparent labels with the printer?

Yes, provided that the media is inkjet coated and has a black mark so the sensor can read the label.

Do DURABrite Ultra & UltraChrome inks same resistance to light?

Although both inks show increased durability when exposed to UV light, DURABrite ink of the C7500 is more resistant.

Can I print borderless labels with the C7500 and C7500G?

Yes, use the option in the print driver for borderless printing.

What is the standard warranty and what is covered by it?

The standard warranty is 1 year or 500Km of accumulated printed length, whichever comes first.

The warranty covers all mechanical parts of the printer, including the print head.

Is the print-head really included in the warranty?

Yes it is, up until 500Km of accumulated printed length or 1 year whichever comes first.

What are the warranty extension options?

There are several warranty extension packages that varies per region. Please check with your authorised Epson reseller to see what's available.

Will the printer stop operating after 500km of accumulated print length?

No. After 500km of accumulated printing length, the printer will not stop operating. It will however display a warning to let you know a service is required. 

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