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AcuLaser C1700 and AcuLaser M1400 Series: How can I check how many pages have been printed so far?


  • AcuLaser C1700
  • AcuLaser M1400


You can check the total number of printed pages that have been printed by printing a System Settings page. First, ensure that you have installed all software for the model using from either the supplied driver CD or the Epson website.

To print the System Settings page, do the following:

  1. Open the Printer Setting Utility application.

  2. Click Reports under the Printer Settings Report tab.

  3. Click the System Settings button. The System Settings sheet will be printed.

Printer Settings Utility application

Example: AcuLaser M1400 System Settings sheet

The total number of printed pages is shown under the Print Volume section and is categorised by paper sizes.


  • A single side print (including Multiple-Up or N-Up*) is counted as one job, and a 2-sided print (including Multiple- Up*) is counted as two pages. During 2-sided printing, if an error occurs after one side is printed properly it is counted as one page.

    *Multiple-Up or N-Up copy enables you to print (and copy, for All-In-One lasers) multiple pages on a single side.

    2-sided printing and Manual Duplex printing allow you to print two or more pages on the front and back sides of a single sheet of paper.

    These features allow you to reduce paper consumption.

  • When performing 2-sided printing, a blank page may be inserted automatically depending on the settings of the application. In this case, the blank page is counted as one page. However, when doing 2-sided printing for an odd number of pages, the blank page inserted to the rear of the last odd page is not counted.

    The user's guide includes instructions on how to set the printer to skip blank pages. This can be set via the printer driver (Printer Features > Printer Specific Options in Mac OS X).

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