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Mac OS X Lion (OS 10.7.x): The Epson software installer crashes when you attempt to install the Epson device using the supplied CD-ROM


  • Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS 10.7.x)
  • All Epson inkjet models released prior to 2011


For Epson inkjet printers and All-In-Ones released in 2010 and earlier, the Epson Install Navi software installer may not run or may crash/become unresponsive when you attempt to install your product in Mac OS X Lion using the supplied Epson software CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM supplied with products are suitable for the operating systems supported at the time of the product's release; therefore, for new operating systems such as OS X Lion the software may not be compatible.


You can view the current driver support status by product release date in the following article: Epson and Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS 10.7.x)

To use your product in Mac OS X Lion, install the driver software for your Epson product using the following methods:

  • Printer driver:

    For products released in 2010 or earlier, download the latest Epson Printer Drivers Updates via Apple's Software Update utility to obtain the latest printer driver.

  • Scanner driver (All-In-Ones):

    Check if a download for Epson Scan is available. Visit your local website via Select your product and operating system (Mac OS X - Intel) via the Drivers & Software or Support section of the web site.


    • Apple Software Update requires an active internet connection.
    • If Epson Scan is not available for your All-In-One, scanner support is available via ICA. ICA means Image Capture Application (Apple's Scanner software).

Once you have downloaded and installed the printer driver and Epson Scan software, you can connect and add your Epson product to the Mac.

If you have a wireless-enabled printer or All-In-One and wish to connect it to your Mac using a wireless connection, the wireless set up will need to be performed manually via the LCD control panel. See the following related articles to set up your product wirelessly:

2008 models:

2009 and 2010 models:

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